Max Keiser on the Alex Jones Show – 11 November 2010

Max’s interview from earlier tonight on the Alex Jones Show

9 comments on “Max Keiser on the Alex Jones Show – 11 November 2010
  1. ronron says:

    just did the math. i have 1180 OZ. so i took care at my end. lets go. but silver. it,s fucking nice.

  2. ronron says:

    the only thing around is 100 oz bars for a buck over spot. an oz coin is 35 bucks.

  3. ronron says:

    i hope i can trade gold for silver tomorrow. the coin guys only care about the bottom line in dollars. i like 100 oz bars. there the best deal. buy a hundred fucking ounces for fuck sake. fuck.

  4. ronron says:

    woops i meant saturday. i hope silver gets killed. 🙂

  5. ronron says:

    hahaha. i got my own thread. can you step in and say hi @Stacy.

  6. Dogg says:

    Fuck you, Alex Jones! “Beck’s wrong … it’s not Soros it’s the Fortune 100 that are the puppet masters”. Give me a break!! Soros is admittedly just one of the puppet masters rather than the mastermind … but, seriously Alex, you’re just jealous that Beck had the balls to lay out Soros’ connections in front of 3 million viewers while you’re wasting the week ranting and screaming about someone x-raying your shrunken willy!! Getting rid of the naked scanners is important, but the public needs to wake up to the planned nature of the whole downfall of America by an oligarchy of bankers and powerful old families.

  7. Jayme says:

    So what happens to all the personally owned PM when they adopt a global currency with PM as a part of it? PM gets confiscated?

    If John Law teaches us anything, all real money will be confiscated until you have nothing left anyway. At least that’s the lesson I get out of all these posts. The guns and police squads will make friendly visits; the advertisement industry will kick into gear, dutifully telling us how important it is to turn in our neighbors if you suspect they have any real money left. What comes of this transition?

  8. Dogg says:

    Further to my above comment … I owe an apology to Alex Jones. I just listened to his Thursday show and, in the last few minutes, he lays out EXACTLY who the true oligarchs are. Well done, Alex.