Shut the f*** up!!!

52 comments on “Shut the f*** up!!!
  1. Happy Dick says:

    I don’t want to shut the fuck up. What????

  2. Player 1 million says:

    He’s ordered the government to step down and will name a new government tomorrow. That should shut them up, change.

  3. Rick says:

    He needs to go.

    He said, “I will name a new GOV tomorrow.”

    What bullshit. Another tool dictator of the US.

  4. Tom KG says:

    Hang that fucker!!!

  5. Paddy says:

    looks like Mubbie doesnt want to leave. Did he get call from Barky and Hilldog promising him & his thugs as much ammo as they want?

  6. Tom KG says:

    He can name my dic. And when he names a new government hang that fucker too.

  7. Happy Dick says:

    The “Puppet looks scared.

  8. Tom KG says:

    Wifey is stuffing the suitcases with gold Eagles as we speak.

  9. Nak says:

    Obama to Egypt, Promise Economic reform.

  10. Happy Dick says:

    He read a prepared script …

  11. Bronxy says:

    Mubarak have been a great leader and really been keeping these Arabs in a leach and hopefully the military will cleans the streets soon of these insurgence elements.

  12. MirrorMirror says:

    Nice !

    Facebook this: People of Amerika – Bilderberg, Monsanto,Big Pharma,Mainstream news

    The Sheeple of America

  13. wtf says:

    1 roll of 20 first strike 2011 Silver Eagles – $700.

    Get β€˜em while they’re hot!

  14. MirrorMirror says:

    “Don’t worry about your Central Bank’s Gold …
    … We are keeping it safe for you … in America ”

  15. Nak says:

    DΓ©jΓ  vu. We are reliving the 70s. Stagflation and a major oppressive US backed regime being overthrown.
    Silver and Gold prices will explode.

  16. Angry Greek says:

    “Yes…. tomorrow… I will name a new government and taking from the tradition of our Greek friends across the Med, I will start by appointing members of my own family, key polyethnic cartel mouthpieces, reps of Goldman Sucks and JP Morgue and of course, plenty of individuals who have never worked a day in their lives. There now… everyone happy?”

  17. wtf says:

    Revolution is in the air!

    1 roll of 20 first strike 2011 Silver Eagles – $700.

    The big boyz are charging $800 for same.

  18. microhousehold says:


    Nice clip indeed.

  19. David Sala says:

    Love Zerohedge’s headline:

    Mubarak Speaks, Dissolves One Crony Government, New Crony Government To Be Named Tomorrow

  20. Happy Dick says:

    Nice Mirror … keep them coming. πŸ™‚

  21. Dedo says:

    What’s your game keiser,…the more I listen to you ( and watch you),.the more disingenuous you seem !
    Is it me,…..or are you really that bored ?

  22. wtf says:

    Nothing ‘disingenuous about “Shut the f*** up!!!”

  23. …so what’s the difference between Barack and Mubarak ……ok…..aside from Muc..? ….no really
    One takes all the riches of the land and gives it to his friends in cabinet and elite while the other via tarp, bailouts and taxes from Main Street and hands it all over to Wall St and large corporates….it’s just that one is more subtle with jingles and slogans like ‘change we can believe in’ Their dedication has no end !

  24. microhousehold says:

    Just switched off Al Jazeera when Mubarak Obama started speaking.

  25. Dedo says:

    @wtf,……yep,.typical,…. you’re seduced by headlines,… (nothing new here,.move on folks)

  26. wtf says:


    Oh yeah, bud… Egypt riots all the time…

  27. @ microhousehold……I liked that one….thanks !

    …just imagine if same M O had 10 million protesters marching on Washingtin!…..internet and cells would be switched off so fast that texting would be swept to whirlwind mode…..lollllll
    Democracy in US !!… leeat egyptians can travel to Cuba…..lolllll

  28. michael Sam says:

    He will probably shut up soon, fill his private jet with gold and go to the U.S. where he will be welcomed by baby Jamie and his little friends, who belong in a looney bin, not a pen except for a play pen, which is the right emotional age for these psychopaths

  29. Dedo says:

    wtf,…..This was projected years ago you fool,…….Keep up!

    What’s the difference between a media whore, and a whore?

    REALITY !!

  30. Graeme says:

    He lives in a fantasy world, this will placate noone except the BBC and CNN!

  31. Dedo says:

    There’s none more fickel than folk,…..

    @Frances,……Now there’s a truth !! ?

  32. Paddy says:

    dont you just love these CNN ‘journalists’? all day these pictures of ‘made in USA’ tear gas canisters on the web but according to CNN correspondent in Cairo “we can’t verify these allegations”….

  33. sexton says:

    Has the White House and CLINTon had time to prepare a new government? I hope this is real change cause god/darwin knows we could fucking use it! World wide!

    Enough is enough!

    The Egyptians , Tunisians are in my thoughts.

  34. wtf says:


    Stacy says you’re not half the man Max is.

  35. Graeme says:

    People comment on Hilary C’s statement and later Barack O’s as if they mean something now. Who do they think is listening to them anyway? Thankfully the revolution makes their voice irrelevant. And what hypocrites! They prop up a dictatorship for thirty years and now they offer advice to Mubarak?

  36. sexton says:


    the us state dept. issued a statement whereby they are concerned that the egyptian police force may be using too much force against the protesters.

    the yanks are hypocrites

    they’re actually scared shitless

  37. wtf says:


    >>keep up<<????

    Bite me hoeboy.

  38. AJAX says:

    I don`t know, I don`t get the same vibe from the crowds in Egypt as I did from those on the street in Persia a few months back – which I remember Keiser & Stacy Herbert didn`t support at all at the time, & just made fun of : / . Mubarak`s an Anglosphere-Europe looking guy, & has stopped Moslem whackjobs taking over in Egypt for years & looking at these crowds, there`s a suspicious lack of female protestors, & the guys who`re doing it aren`t dressed like us in hipster t-shirts, jeans or shorts & sneakers with shades & cool haircuts; they appear pretty grim & devoutly religious. I think this vibes going around, as I see cyberspace support is pretty muted from the Anglosphere/Europe, whereas every1 was out & still is for the Persian guys

    If it`s a choice between Mubarak, or a fanatical old bearded bigot setting up a new Muzzie nest of vipers on the Med. …. I`m take Mubarak.

  39. Apocalypto says:

    Interesting to see wtf and Dido fighting with each other. lol

    Love this site. πŸ™‚

  40. Dedo says:

    Apoc ,…….I don’t fight,…..I get even,…….grrrrr,….

    You bin hidin’ boy ?

  41. SAO says:

    Haskell Blows Whistle on Underwear Bomber, Government Op

    This is great clip was actually on Fox News. Wow.

  42. Randall says:

    I give Mubarass 2 days and he’ll run to hide in Tel Aviv. The army is not his friend as he is about to find out. The police are quite gone, quit and back to civilian life and nowhere to go to work as every police station in the big cities are now burnt down

  43. Marc Authier says:

    Moubarak promises more health care,social services and jobs ! πŸ™‚ Lol

    Seems familar ? It should.

  44. Apocalypto says:

    Liars, whores, murderers.

    Politics as usual.

  45. snoop diddy says:

    don’t hear much about it anymore but protests in Iran continue too:

  46. V says:

    What he said, as I interpreted it: “I suck. You hate me. I get it. So here is what I’m going to do. I’m dissolving the existing government, appointing new Lackeys, but I’ll remain in charge. Everyone good with that?”

    He’s re-shuffled the deck too. He’s appointed/sworn in Egypt’s Spy Chief, Omar Soliman as VP.

  47. Tom KG says:

    We need Hillary and Obama to chime in about not harming the people to Mubarak. meanwhile Clinton and Obama are setting up a police state in the US complete with body scanners, grope downs, facial cameras, citizen spy networks all reminiscent of Nazi Germany and those two clowns are telling Mubarak to take it easy on the citizens there? I’m surprised Napalitano didn’t send body scanners and perverted TSA groping agents over there to control the situation in the American FREEDOM style we’re so used to here. Maybe we can send some friggin cops over there to write some parking tickets and collect a little easy revenue for Mubbie.

  48. buddhagold says:

    Widespread looting in the poor city of Suez now reported this morning…

  49. buddhagold says:

    police caught now doing butt checks and anal insertions at American checkpoints…

    can you say depraved? how about a little confused sexuality there? Just a little sadism?