“There is a social media revolution in Saudi Arabia … Ten million Saudis are online, 3 million belong to Facebook, and Twitter feeds are up more than 400 percent.”

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  1. MirrorMirror says:

    Something more cheerful :

    8 Strange Earth Changes That May Threaten Civilization 1 of 2


    Be patient .. she’s got a cute little voice, but she sticks to her promise.

  2. 8Ball says:

    Research the Kaye Griggs interviews… they will tell you all about how the USG got control over the Saudi royalty. And how they control just about anyone today. they “Faggotize” them and then threaten them with exposure.

  3. foober says:

    whatever it takes to bring down the evil banksters.

  4. lorenzo says:

    isn’t it possible these so-called revolutions are simply a way for the US to remove regimes they can no longer do business with?…. shedding skin, transition to pseudo democratic system instead of outright dictatorship?

    head of intelligence is now VP in egypt…it’s hard to know what’s going on there, so much disinformation and conflicting opinions.

  5. 8Ball says:

    Kay Griggs
    Entire Kay Griggs: Military Homoccult Beast System.


  6. foober says:

    wow, good find 8ball, I knew about that stuff. But hadn’t heard it out in the open like that. The usa military is so corrupt. I

  7. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Its the end of the Anglo-saxon empire

  8. this is why the US government is slowly wrapping its death grip claws around the heart of the Internet. There is no anonymity anymore. The globalists have their finger on the Internet “off switch”

    it was fun while it lasted.

  9. MirrorMirror says:


    Fraud and Test Runs

  10. bob says:

    The US will not walk away from oil

    Every great empire (and whether you hate em or love em the US is indeed a great empire) has never relinquished power without a fight.

    If faced with oil starvation the US will simply invade – there is no army on the planet that can stop them – might is right in their eyes

    They will broker all sorts of deals before invading – what do they care if they snapple the majority of the worlds supply while the rest of the world starves and goes without.

    It’s one thing to topple a corrupt dictator but quite another to topple one that is so well connected, controls information flow, has the worlds largest and most sophisticated military

    The US will go down eventually but it will take bit by bit for it to happen – a Saudi revolt isn’t going to topple the US in and by itself – it may act as a nail in the coffin but it’s not burial time yet for the US – it still has a pulse and hasn’t died and started rotting yet so plenty of people i the world still cling to it for hope (as sad as this is).

  11. MirrorMirror says:

    100 Million Potentially Impacted by Next Storm
    by Tim Ballisty, Editorial Meteorologist

    What: Major winter storm complete with heavy snow, sleet and freezing rain to impact Rockies, Plains, Midwest

    When: Monday Night (January 31) through midday Wednesday (February 2)

    Cities Potentially Impacted: Denver | Amarillo | Dallas | Oklahoma City | Wichita | Kansas City | St. Louis | Tulsa | Chicago | Indianapolis | Cincinnati | Dayton | Lexington


  12. foober says:

    thanks mirrormirror, argh. yep its bad. I’ve been having bad nerve trouble for the last 8 months. REally odd. I was fine till then. Its either has sometihng to do with the crops being grown around us. Or the new cell tower they just put up this summer close to us. I’m thinking its the cell tower and its electromagnetics.

  13. 8Ball says:

    Subject: Health

    Have had reports from people around the world of “prolonged colds”… We are being bombed with all sorts of viruses designed to weaken our immune systems.

  14. Zorro / London says:

    Mike Liverpool

    “its the end of the Anglo-saxon empire”

    Agreed…..unit labour cost, providing the barbarians with our technological advantage, western corruption, unwinnable expensive wars compounded by decadence has taken care of that…..classic re-run of the fall of Roman Empire.

    Hail Barrack….., the last of the Emperors!

  15. Rick says:

    Fall of Saudi Arabia to End (Petro) Dollar Reserve System?

    This would change everything overnight. Of course the US would collapse (sooner) because of it. Like yesterday.

    Fourth Turning is all I can say at this point in time. It’s very scary to be alive at this time in history, but at the same time, very exciting! I also have to say, unless you live in a cave, most of this was predictable, even going back pre – Ronny years. What an ass he was.

  16. 8Ball says:

    Reagan was a homo… Recent comments between AJ and Bob Chapman.

  17. Youri Carma says:

    “Opposition leader Enda Kenny of the Fine Gael party told the European Union on Friday that he would renegotiate the bailout if, as expected, he becomes the new prime minister.”

  18. Tony says:

    Last September, Barry Soetoro sold $60 billion worth of weapons to the Saudi
    ” democrats”. They seem ready for the New Year’s fireworks.

  19. Robert Mockan says:

    One of the reasons I hang around this web site is every now and then a reference source is revealed that is worth putting into my Bookmarks (or Favorites, depending on the browser I’m using).

    This time the jewel is here:


    I just finished reading the archives here:


    And the The Daily Bell has a free subscription. That sort of puts to rest the thought that anything free is not the best. That is proven wrong by The Daily Bell.

    Well worth susbcribing to, in my opinion.

  20. LuzazuL says:

    @8Ball, wow!, that is strong stuff. Thanks for sharing.
    While I cannot endure listening to the thing, I do think 1) should be compulsory listening at the moment] in all military academies of NATO members, 2) the world would be a much better place if homosexuals were not pressured into not being homosexuals at any given point in their lives, n) uff!

  21. Youri Carma says:

    Investors revel in Spanish bank La Caixa listing plan http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/Investors-revel-Spanish-bank-afp-1325195185.html

    Shares in an offshoot of Spain’s biggest savings bank La Caixa rocketed 17% Friday on news that it will be transformed into a major retail banking operation.

    Investors reacted with glee to La Caixa’s plan to transfer its entire 9.48-billion-euro ($13.0 billion) retail banking business into its listed investment arm Criteria, to be re-born as CaixaBank.

    As a result, it would become one of Europe’s top ten financial institutions by market capital.

    There are three major steps in La Caixa’s complex listing operation:

    — First, La Caixa will transfer its retail banking operations into its wholly owned affiliate Microbank.

    — Second, La Caixa will transfer all Microbank shares — valued at 9.48 billion euros ($13 billion) — into its listed investment banking arm, Criteria.

    — Third, Criteria will absorb Microbank and become a credit institution with the name CaixaBank.

  22. LuzazuL says:

    Oh Mirror, sorry can’t endure that cutzy cutzy mousy-trained vestigial coccix of female dignity, no matter how poignant what she has to say. (has to do with the reason why I can’t endure AJ independently from what he says — I have a “voice problem” here in the USA).

  23. Youri Carma says:

    Los Angeles Times: U.S. (Oil) policies (Kissinger) may have contributed to Iran revolution, study says http://www.latimes.com/news/printedition/asection/la-fg-shah17-2008oct17,0,7529887.story

    A report based on declassified documents suggests that the Nixon and Ford administrations, angry with the shah for his support for raising oil prices, worked to curb his ambitions.

  24. foober says:

    @8ball, I belive most politcians are weird one way or another. We know they are all bought off. Thats how they get the job. I don’t know why we still have politicans other than to fool the stupid american public into belieiveing they aren’t slaves to the neo cons nazi’s. Other than that the usa if just fine.

  25. Youri Carma says:

    Alpha Natural Resources announced plans Saturday to buy Massey Energy Company for $8.5 billion, in a tie-up of two giant US coal producers http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/Alpha-buy-Massey-8-5-bln-coal-afp-3191874801.html

  26. Youri Carma says:

    See also:

    Rothschild Plays His Strongest Suit With $3 Billion Mining Deal, 1 december 2010, by Jesse Riseborough and Simon Casey (Bloomberg) http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-12-01/nat-rothschild-plays-his-strongest-suit-with-3-billion-commodities-deal.html

  27. Dedo says:

    Tip: The banksters are being used to finalise the fall of this system,…to bring in the new,…..

    Are you lot really that dumb ?

    The whole “system” is corrupt at its core,…time to educate the profane,..bring in the new spectrum!!


  28. petit jaune says:

    Hey, hey! Americanismo…you MFuckers’ hegemony bout to go AWAL… The lives you have lived is over brothers…you can no longer prop the shit out of nowhere..FACT!! Give it up cause you no longer have that “JE ne C’est Quoi” END of EMpire and all that …toodle pip stiff upper lip n shit. Merican vampyre empyre jus’ a blip! History is everything that you need to know…so….checkIT!

  29. CFB says:

    I am SO TIRED of the corporate opportunism and over emphasis of the role that Twitter and Facebook has in these revolutions.

    WE DO NOT NEED FACEBOOK AND TWITTER FOR A REVOLUTION! Look at all the revolutions before 1999, did they need Twitter and Facebook? Nope. The French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, The American Revolution, all done without the internet.

    In fact, these open social networks may even stall revolution and give more information for the government to crack down on protest.

    Social media is nothing with out the people’s anger. If FB and T were the cause of these revolutions we would be seeing a huge revolution in the U.S. right now. But all we have here are boot lickers, Farmville players, and narcissistic idiots!!!!

    Look at these stats:

    Wake the hell up and get off of the internet!

  30. CFB says:


    Will someone in Iceland PLEASE ADOPT ME!

  31. Keehotee says:

    For all the permaculturists… presented by Spock. Beware, hideous soundtrack


  32. Dylan says:

    @Robert, thanks for your post, I took a closer look at the dailybell and agree that it belongs in the favorite folder. If you’re reading this scroll up and see what Robert Mockan has to say.

  33. Danny Cunnington says:

    If Saudi Arabia kicks off then Iran is the big winner. I find it hard to believe that the western imperialists would not intervene directly. If the US were faced with the prospect of the end of the Dollar’s role as an oil currency, it would likely want to stop all oil out the Middle East. The way to do that is to attack Iran militarily so that the Iranians close the Straits of Hormuz. That kettles the majority of the Middle Eastern oil exports. To do this, they would have to use naval power otherwise they end up kettled as well so although they are unquestioningly the greatest sea power on the planet, they are still at risk especially from sea skimming missiles and Russian made Hypersonic cruise missiles. (Sunburn ssn25)

    Of course doing that would cause a major economic collapse in several major economies. Japan would melt down completely in less than six weeks.

  34. Mother Earth says:

    3 milion belong to facebook, that is correct..

  35. Romain says:

    It’s is not because of the internet that a revolution would start.

    Revolutions always come from the combination of two factors:

    1) the people
    2) an external power or a higher power

    if the tunisian revolution was “successful” , it is because the army stopped supporting Ben Ali. Also the army in tunisia has been equipped and trained with western cooperation. It is probable that western companies’ business in tunisia was starting to be hampered by the corruption of benali’s networks.

    If you don’t agree with this ask yourself why the Russian revolution of 1905 didnt work and that of 1917 (supported by wall street) was successful.

    Same thing for the first French revolution.
    two elements:

    – angry and starving people
    – influence of masonic lodges within the country and from an external power: England ( england took over many French colonies due to the inability of France to intervene because of the Revolution)

    IRAN revolution when the US stopped to back the SHah

    etc. etc
    Finally, it is DEFINITELY not Facebook that will trigger anything. Support of lack of support from the US will be a determining factor.

    Also the Jasmine revolution is a fraud and its silly name makes it even more obvious. Coloured revolution:

    green in Iran
    orange in Ukraine

    were ALL supported by the US (and its allied)


    I also agree with @BOB when he says than any power never reliquished power without a fight.

    Don’t be naive to think that facebook and internet will be enough for people to bring down the system.

  36. paul says:

    just say, ISRAELIS are coming and they will flee to their homes.
    What are thee peasants going to do once they take over, Well they will put some other numpty in power with THE SAME SYSTEM and will promise the same promises and we all go back to sleep. Another 30 years to weight.
    I have not heard of any new head of state ever say to the people that I will never allow the police force or the military to hurt the general public, never never never, never and more never!