First floods, and now wildfires. Will Australia be the first country/continent AGW destroys?

11 comments on “First floods, and now wildfires. Will Australia be the first country/continent AGW destroys?
  1. sorry to be so cynical in a time of catastrophe, but isnt this what firemen do during times of economic hardship? set fire to things i mean…

  2. Mini US says:

    Perth is the capital of Western Australia, which is mining as much of that state that is humanly possible.
    Not long until it is a huge hole in the ground.
    No economic hardship there.
    $100,000 for driving a big truck.

  3. mike says:

    bush fires have always been a feature of the australian landscape

    back in the abbo days they didnt have angle grinders

  4. AndyS says:

    Please Max, would you debate someone like Lord Monckton. If you believe the validity of the AGW hypothesis – DO IT!

    I bet you don’t have the balls.

  5. Courage and Bravery says:

    AGW dictates that in Aust ONE is NOT allowed to CLEAR the FUEL from around ones house to stop the spread of fires, NO NO its better to burn this timber for its carbon credits.

  6. toad_goddess says:

    Hello from cyclone Yasi raveged Far North Queensland – Port Douglas.
    Australia is a land of extreme weather. Bushfires in the summer are common everywhere – just as the odd idiot who likes to play with fire…
    As for floods? When we are in the La Nina weather cycle, we are swimming! Just as cyclones are common in our area in the summertime.
    Climate change? Maybe. Environmental degradation? Definitely!!

  7. Phil UK says:

    Nonsense aside – Did anyone see the news story in the Queensland press were the Australian government, after 1000 years of drought, bought some weather modification equipment from the Thailand government in August in order to make it rain?

    Google it – lots of entries.

    Looks like it might have worked a little bit too well.

  8. jimmy chen says:

    new perth coin idea-kangaroo rowing a raft with koala bears… wery cute

  9. cedron says:

    Fair suck of the sauce bottle Max. It’s like this every year in Oz. Your having a lend of yourself if you think this is the first time we’ve had fire and floods. Mate, extreme weather is de rigour down under.

  10. Bruce says:

    cedron said what I was gonna say (as an Aussie here). Every summer there are bushfires here somewhere and this year is nothing unusual.

    I keep an open mind about this stuff but my mind is far from certain of anything. I am not a scientist. I don’t have deep knowledge.

    My mind is far from made up either way.

  11. A says:

    According to the few Australians I’ve talked to over this past week (business calls) they all seem to be telling me that, yes this is bad and strange weather that’s hitting Australia, but it’s not “AGW”. I’ve been told by them that, “Yes this weather here in Australia is quite radical now all of a sudden, I mean, yeah sure, there are a few cyclones and water spouts and floods here and there, but things change, and that includes weather. We can’t have the wonderful warm/hot sunny days 24/7, 365 now can we?” So…. I’m going to have to go with first hand experience, and not some speculative predictions from some one is Paris, on this one, sorry. Stick to the Economics, not the weather. Or, are these just wild speculative predictions, or are you trying to ‘long’ carbon credits and convince governments around the world to stock up on them, after you’ve bought a bunch of shares, and then sell them once they’re worth a lot more due to the governments buy up of them?