[KR139] Keiser Report – Murderers & Martyrs!

We interview Janet Tavakoli.

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  1. F. Beard says:

    …and if he didn`t link them to a rather outdated religious text people might start taking his ideas seriously. jim evans

    I got my ideas on money from the Bible (among other sources). Should I pretend I didn’t?

    These are dangerous times. The “666” money system maybe inches away. If people do not know how money should be properly implemented then it is most likely that it will be improperly implemented. And no, a government gold standard is not proper. It would probably lead to the “666” money system when it was rejected again.

  2. microhousehold says:

    Janet just kept on going,
    right until the end.
    Hardly time for Max to finish the Keiser Report.

    A bit more of a dialogue would have been nice.

    Onwards & Upwards

  3. JP Boileau says:

    Grea piece on Ireland

  4. jim evans says:

    Is there another way of describing the 666 system that might resonate as well with a secular audience F Beard?
    My guess is that the 666 system was an already functioning concept when the Bible was written…..hence the moneylenders being cast from the temple and the rules against usury which figure in Christian and Muslim thinking?

  5. Mini US says:

    Put Janet in charge of the SEC and the Justice Department πŸ™‚

    Troubling to find that so many of Janet’s colleagues know about this and still nothing is done. I know its not their responsibility but when does the tipping point come when enough people ‘in the business’ know about it and think it needs to change?

    I guess when they no longer make money out of the status quo.
    Money buys lawyers and good PR. They have money.

  6. Mini US says:

    When I say ‘they’ I mean the crooks.

    Not suggesting Janet bankrolls the cleansing of our financial system πŸ™‚

  7. Tao Jonesing says:

    Janet Tavakoli. Hubba, hubba.

  8. Jayme says:

    “…they [the SEC] just haven’t announced to everybody what their job is; and that’s to enable cover ups; to basically distract people with non-issues; to, you know, nail people on minor issues; issue minor fines; then declare victory. You know, we’re being totally punked here by the regulators. The SEC should have been disbanded.

    Damning words. Explains a lot of why none of the main crooks are in jail.

  9. whitemale08 says:


    We need more brave journalists, like yourself, to deflate the hype around Warren Buffet, who is an ABSOLUTE FAILURE, and only exists because of Wall Street.

    His whole engineering of backing both Hillary and Obama during the primary elections, because they both voted for TARP bail outs, was classic corruption.

    Then him co-signing his name to Goldman Sachs was what alerted many of us, that the TARP bail outs were meant for his losses in the derivatives scam.

    Buffet is a complete joke, and his aura of taking a small anual salary and charity, are used as a smoke screen for all of the corrupt power he’s gain over the years.

    Buffet has to be brought to justice and his ill-gotten gains CLAWBACKED and LIQUIDATED in RECEIVERSHIP/BANKRUPTCY.

    Warren Buffet is a circus clown and deserves no respect whatsoever!

  10. Mattdog says:

    “Lubrizol”? I… Ahem… feel so violated….

  11. Sacramento Joe says:

    @ Max-

    It cracks me up when you think a guest is defending a fraudulent position but are actually on your side. Your brain grabs ahold of their literal speech and you miss their figurative meaning….endearing Max….simply quirky….

    I love Janet…..intelligence, gumption and beauty all rolled into one.

    So glad you Janet, Stacy, and select others are not letting the fraud, corruption, and deception go unnoticed. You restore my hope for humanity.


  12. like, Max, You mentioned WACHOVIA BANK to Janet… it should be BILLIONS not millions (check the tape) like, what they were caught with was 384 billion in drug money …they said “oh sorry we should keep track of that from now on”…like f##k