Only a regime change will do

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  1. jim evans says:

    Well that`s my contribution made…not that you pirates give a toss…every existential problem you face seems to be solved by saving “pieces of eight”! Good luck…I hope you prosper!

  2. jim evans says:

    FANFUCKINGTASTIC!!! I spend ages pouring my heart out and my post is immediately “disappeared” to oblivion in “older comments” while Max`s Magical Mystery Tour speeds manically on in ever decreasing circles. Sic transit my fifteen minutes of momentary “fame”!

  3. flicks says:

    I feel sorry for UK people they are really screwed over- cant even buy silver without 20% VAT and the price of gold is now too high for many who will be most affected.

    Jim – just one more time; seriously its a good idea to remove money from banks ( if possible buy gold half/whole sovereigns in the UK ) Max may play it up with antics but he is correct . Ive listened to him for over 5 years and both of them nail the important issues moving into the future.

    When your money is in a bank it is used against you and others.

  4. daddy warbucks says:

    Ruling elite:
    “I’m buying that Acropol…whatever, I’ll rename it, have the Greek surfs maintain it for olives while some Greek bitch, of my choosing services me”

  5. 40% youth unemployment is ridiculous.
    Some people are doing ‘forced overtime’ while nearly half of the youth
    can’t find a way of being productive.
    Divide & rule.

    When nearly half of the new generation is considered ‘economically useless’
    it is clear that people are not encouraged at all to share the duties
    (& fruits) of this planet in a sustainable way.

    ‘They don’t build no schools any more,
    all they build is prisons…’

  6. Zorro / London says:

    Jim, old bean, you are clearly on the wrong web site.

    You just want to have a place where you can rage on about foreigners as being the sourse of all evil.

    The Britsh Legion, must have a blog page where your views will be gleefully accepted and supported. Well maybe not amongst the brave Gurkhas??

    You seem to forget that this site is used by people from all over the world, and that you might just offend some of the not so .. Anglo Saxon contributors.

    Perhaps like FBeard you simply will continue, as you just wont take the hint, or recognise where people are coming from on here.

    Remember Jim, that our freedoms in the UK at the end of World
    War II were because of two primary and indisputeable factors

    1. If the Americans had not come to the rescue with resources, you would be saying YA and not yes, and eating Saurkraut and speaking German.
    2. Without foreign fighter pilots, the Battle of Britain would have been lost.

    Humiliating as that might be to your Nationalistic zeal, Jim…..its simply a matter of the truth and historical FACT.

    I am sure you wont take this subtle hint.

    So good luck with your blaming foreigners for all the ills on this planet. Oh and Jim, got news for you our Royal Family are not exactly of “English” descent…..or have you forgotten that too…….Z

  7. Warp says:

    Did the female correspondent hit too close to home with her description of the people on the ground for the operators over at PressTV? That connection glitch was rather convenient in what it cut off, IMO.

  8. jim evans says:

    Zorro….you haven`t the beginnings of an inkling about my attitudes. I am a republican social democrat and don`t dislike foreigners at all. (I have known that our royal family were really Saxe Coburg Gothas since the 1950`s…and have met and liked people from all over the world….many far more than I care for Sun readers like you)!

    We would have been better off siding with Germany in the Second World War…. as Hitler had expected we would. That would have saved our empire and industry (and the Jews….because all the Nazis wanted was rid of the people they blamed for the antics of Wall Street in the 20`s and 30`s).

    The Americans hate us and have worked steadfastly to destroy us and use our assets to build their own empire out of the ashes of ours …etc .They are the people that keep us in their EU…..that use the City of London to asset strip us…that have us chasing around the world getting our children killed in wars at vast expense to ourselves for their benefit etc

    I blame foreigners for nothing (they would have to be daft NOT to arrive here and let plonkers like you fund the rest of their lives while my sons face unemployment and life on a sink estate` !)….and I look forward to more of them arriving for their intelligent company as a blissful change from people like you….GOT IT!!!!

    Now fuck off you Yankee arse-liking prat!

  9. jim evans says:

    Sorry…..that should have been licking not liking!

  10. Bev says:

    Repeated from post about Greece whose protests should also to be about DEBT based money system.

    Not Years, Not Weeks.

    72 hours.

    Dear Greece and Spain and America:

    I like this idea. It is fast and works for everyone. And, everywhere.

    from Byron Dale:

    If debt will cause the crisis, ummm…
    then let’s change the debt based money system to a wealth based one.


    Phantom Digits

    They loan you phantom digits and you pay in real property.


    Monetize The Production of Infrastructure.
    Including power generation infrastructure and the electric grid rebuild.


    Best Political Quote in Over 100 years!

    “If men can create electronic bookkeeping entries representing debt and loan them into circulation, men can surely create electronic bookkeeping entries as a payment and spend them into circulation with no debt. Which do you prefer?”
    – Gregory K. Soderberg, Rep. Candidate MN. Lt. Gov., 2010

    Make One Small Change

    This could be implemented within 72 hours (maybe less) of passage. The bill is TWO PAGES! Congress could actually read it for a change.

    Nothing but an accounting procedure needs to change. Oh, and your mind. You have to want the change. If you think you can’t – you can’t. If you think it can’t be done – you’re right.

    Q: What does man do?

    A: Pretty much what he decides to do.

    Simply change your mind, get behind this idea and make it work.

    It will work.

    Don’t let them side-track you by talking economics. It’s about MONETARY POLICY. It’s about how money gets into the economy that matters most.


    Your Money Is Overseas.
    YOU Were Made To Borrow It, By Congress.
    It Was Paid To Offshore Banks.
    They Stole From You and Made You Pay For It.

    The banks are destroying your nation, sending production jobs out of the country, keeping your borders open to drive down wages and vote in bigger transfer-of-wealth programs, while stealing your rights and liberties and building a giant police state right under your nose.


    Monetarily, there is only one way out of this:
    A WEALTH BASED MONEY SYSTEM brought about by the monetization of the production and rebuild of infrastructure.

    Why infrastructure?
    It benefits everyone.

    Why monetize the production of infrastructure?
    No money is created unless there is production.

    Does this system produce debt?
    No. There is no borrowing or bonding to fund approved projects.

    Does this system provide jobs?
    Yes! Many millions of jobs!

    Are these jobs only in construction?
    No. The money flows into the economy and produces jobs and investment in all sectors.


    72 hours after any monetary failure, it could be reversed.

    Spain has it exactly correct to protest a DEBT monetary system, what must follow is a WEALTH monetary system.

  11. jim evans says:

    Good for you Bev…it`s all above my head but it sounds promising!

  12. Noodles123 says:

    @Zorro London-I hate to agree with an idiot who seems to curse to get his point across but it has been immigrants who have ruined much of the US and many parts of Europe.

    They go on handouts/refuse to learn English/Have too many babies while not producing anything and make any neighborhood/city or town into a ghetto etc etc.

    Search for 20 worst American cities and you will find one common denominator…Either a large black or immigrant community…That’s a fact.

    Stereotypying is wrong unless it can be statistically proven right…So the cursing idiot is right just that he’s sounds like he needs testosterone to ease up on his crankiness and moodiness…Cheers from Monterey Ca!

  13. jim evans says:

    If you want to refer to me as an idiot “Noodles” do so directly and explain what makes me an idiot in your estimation please so I can have right of reply on the substance of what you say. My sister in Long Beach is not so negative about immigrants to the USA but she was educated in England and realises that most black people have been in the quite long enough not be classed as immigrants….unlike a few of the crooks who run your country as a giant Mafia enterprise.Crime is the natural culture of the USA…it is the way of life of all classes.

  14. jim evans says:

    My concern about immigration into Britain is that we are a declining power and economy with considerable overcrowding already. We have not enough jobs homes or the welfare provision needed to cater for native born people …far less for immigrants….so it`s an injustice to us and in time will end in social unrest and persecution.

  15. jim evans says:

    As to my testosterone levels….what the world needs now is a lot less testosterone and a lot more reason and cooperation.

  16. Noodles123 says:

    Jim Evans-Well as I read yours and Zorro London’s comment he tries to keep it on the up and up…By making an intellectual attempt to explain his views…Not just make a point and end it with what I would call a “Fuck you if you don’t agree with me!”

    As far as blacks are concern…They also have not assimilated into society…They made their own culture…Which is fine up to a point…We should all be proud of our past but not to the point we bastardize our future.

    I’ve lived in barrios, ghettos and slums for most of my life…I’m not speaking from books and social studies classes…I’m speaking from experiences…Come by Compton, New Orleans, East St. Louis, South Chicago. East LA, Washington DC, Detroit etc etc etc and you will swear you’re in another country.

    I have a belief that if you want to live in America you should do as JFK once said “Ask not what your country can do for you…Ask what you can do for your country.”

    Assimilate or go home.

  17. jim evans says:

    I`ve been past Compton on a tram from Long Beach to LA and got off in South Central LA by mistake… I realise that the USA is a complete shit hole in pockets…..and within a few yards it`s fabulously wealthy. But I fear it`s a society that is not structured to allow much integration of the sort to which you refer. Also alcohol and drugs destroy many potentially valuable lives. The main form of advancement/integration seems to be through crime.
    What I do know is that the USA is not a nation that can be allowed to run the world. It`s far too corrupt and criminal and uneducated/ignorant for that.Worst of all … believes its own myths about its supreme wonderfulness when the world needs a lot more truth and humility all round.

  18. SpaceMonkey says:

    @ Noodles
    “it has been immigrants who have ruined much of the US”

    Lol… I’m pretty certain there were a few Native Americans who said the same thing when the Europeans arrived en masse. The irony in your statement is that it was “immigrants” who built the US into a powerful nation… 🙂

  19. jim evans says:

    Noodles…I was being rude and infantile towards Zorro…`s just that I am so tired of being told that I hate or blame immigrants when I don`t!