[OTE108] On the Edge with Kurt Cobb

Interview with Kurt Cobb.

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  1. Steve_D says:

    I think we all need to chill out, take a step back & think about the real reason we all bought physical Silver, it wasn’t for a short term gain, it wasn’t so we could lord it above our friends and relatives, it wasn’t so we could say “look how clever I am” no!

    It was bought as a hedge against the lies, fraud & manipulation of the Government and the banks. It was bought with the intention of getting to an honest monitory system and out of a fiat system.

    If you still hold all those ideals to be true, and you still hold physical silver, then you my friend are the true winner.

    Think long term, not short term & keep stacking.

  2. michael sam says:

    Once again big/oil learned the wrong lesson from the BP spill, i.e. hide what being done, like we’ve been doing since 2001 in the Middle East

    They’re probably already drilling again all over the world, this time keeping the public away and planning on a natural-causes lie if another spill occurs.

    They let the price rise over and over enough for maximum profits but not enough to get alternative fuels going until they own those too.

    Now they’re lying about drilling too I’m guesssing

  3. The Comeback Kid says:

    Max, you might interview someone in China about alternative tech and about the Sodium cooled reactors. I’m against nukes but relying on water to boil sounds like Fultons Folly. We don’t seem to get any firsthand news from China. It is alway’s “I heard this or that. The only way we hear you is through RT and other foreign (to the U.S.) channels but take it a step forward and Let’s find out what is happening in that Powerhouse Country. You might find factories where huge amounts of solar panels are being constructed. oh….and some 1890’s design coal plants and foundries.

  4. Youri Carma says:

    No bankster festivus for the rest of us!

  5. karate kid says:


    244 thousand jobs 160 thousand birth death model 62 thousand mc ds
    this is no delusion 1 million phantom jobs 8 dollar an hour jobs
    34 hr work week.
    this is a depression .wall street is the drug dealer selling crack.
    at his pinacle selling lots of bags smoking beating hookers.

    then one day dies of a heart attack brought back to life on life support.
    soon as all th qe oxygen runs out the patient dies.
    this is end game silver gold up and down.thiers a battle going on right know.
    its not is your silver worth 50 dollars an ounce.
    its does your firends family have any real money when the hyperinflation hits.
    because its coming and it will be fast and furious.
    i can seep at night ,can they?
    i wouldnt give snot for msm advice.they really are narcissistic garbage.
    who all have gold and silver stashed away.
    i can sleep well can they?
    you cant buy my gold for any fiat price.
    because you cant trade fiat you buy and sell.
    gold is real money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Tree Hugger self rightess Lib………

  7. OldEnglishGame says:

    It was nice and all bit this guy has a very superfishall perspective. These guys that have to stand in front of their book collection to add credibility really should be embarrassed by their lac of confidence.
    Nice but he’s just another ACCADEMENTED professor that needs to perpetuate the system. He doesn’t have the balls to stand on his own.

    I’m waiting for MARKET WATCH where is it. I’m waiting.

  8. snoop diddy says:

    In Australia we had a lost decade as far as alternative energy goes. Lots of money made from digging up dirt but that never goes anywhere useful of course. The govt didnt give a crap, too busy licking Bush’s ass. And I still have to put up with people saying how wonderful our govt managed the economy etc. It was the biggest boom we’re ever likely to know, catering to China with a population over 1 billion which was catering to the US with a population over 300 million and the rest of the world and we only have a population just over 20 million. All our govt did was sell gold near a low, tax a broader base of the population, privatise assets owned by the population who then got it sold back to them in pension plans and running around saying how great they were because they had a surplus budget and people buy it, lock, stock and barrel. And then say the govt saved us by going into deficit all of a sudden because there was a GFC. Wasted opportunity of a lifetime (and possibly many lifetimes).

  9. snoop diddy says:

    yeah, we’re a bit spoilt with guests on Max’s shows and I must admit I didn’t pay much attention to this one. Didn’t really give Max a chance to go on too much of a rant I guess lol. Just some nodding to and fro and general agreeance.

  10. biggreenlie says:

    AGW, Now Peak Oil……………what a bunch of Green Eco-Whacko Bullshit………………go and get informed at the Tar Sands in Alberta and see how much oil is really there……….quit the Green BS and stay on message!

  11. MirrorMirror says:

    EU To Greece: “We Want To Help You Help Yourself”… And We Want To Own You After You File For Bankruptcy

    Summary: the EU just told Greece to prepare for Debtor in Possession loan issuance. Basically should Greece default, and it will, the Parthenon will go to Germany, Santorini will go to Luxembourg, Piraeos will likely end up in IMF hands, and the Chinese will own the rest. Welcome to sovereign debt restructurings for the 21st century.


    @Wolferl …. are you happy now ?

  12. Mike/Liverpool says:

    Ireland get baleout/2 !

  13. jimmy chen says:

    @ MAX

    “revolt in style” hugo boss……

    i can do it for a 6th of what that schmata german sells his rags for and put the rest in to silver. shame on you….. german slave labor camps in indonesia

  14. OldEnglishGame says:

    I want to see you interview someone IMPRESSIVE like a mother of a Tamil Tiger. Or maybe a Tamil Tiger herself. We need some REAL MEAT here, not these antisocial folks who sit in front of their computer all day composing POETRY for a living.
    Give us some real WILD people. GODS PEOPLE, not people who are feeding off the system of paper money.
    Darwin said Nature Is Always Right.
    We need some nature. WILD PEOPLE

  15. Mother Earth says:

    Life is a lost cause..

    It seems you can either fight destruction, ignore itor enjoy it. Destruction is the norm, creation is the exception..

    When will the first android company be recognized? The first company in which there is no management, only algorithms based on social network behaviour and observed biometrics.

    “Worker 245 needs to see the soul counsler”

    Work is what industrialist need to create the social strata..

  16. Vonda Bra says:

    Bob Moriarty´s latest peace:
    Silver Rally

  17. 8Ball says:

    CK, Good idea… The next “hotspot” should be China. Jimmy Chen could go along as the translator and bring two or three of his wives.

  18. jischinger says:

    I heard a JP Morgan Rep say yesterday that foreclosures have been great for the economy. $50 billion boost.

    people who choose not to pay their mortgage are dumping that money into the economy and this is probably why inflation isn’t as high as it should be even though they don’t include energy, food and shelter in those numbers.

    So I guess instead of paying the mortgage they are buying ipads?

    Course the mortgages not being paid is added to the national debt which we will all pay for.

    So I’m thinking the best thing to do is stop paying for this over priced country (house) and leave or cut our losses and fire the bunch.

    Of course the only way to do that is:
    1. vote the crooks out of office and fire/arrest the CEOs- I’m still laughing at this one.
    2. secede.

  19. OldEnglishGame says:

    Who is teaching Jim Rogers’s girls to speak Chinese? You need to get them to translate for you. Bring Jim along too. Talk to some Buddhist Monks about SILVER buddhists love silver and gold. Talk to Zhou Xiao Chuan then go upstream and talk to the people.

  20. OldEnglishGame says:

    There are plenty of smart folks in Xiamen who speak English.

  21. Wolferl says:

    @ Mirror

    Hahaha, i don´t want the Pantheon. I want Crete. Because Cretans never lie. 😉

  22. Charles A. Robinson says:

    We don’t need no stinking gas tanks!

  23. microhousehold says:

    @Charles A. Robinson

    ‘a glass structure strong enough to drive on, on top of photovoltaic panels’
    Wouldn’t it be difficult to keep these photovoltaic panels clean?
    I guess flexible (thin film ) solar panels used on existing buildings are easier to clean.
    But I agree;
    we don’t need any stinking gas tanks!

  24. OldEnglishGame says:

    Solar roads
    Awesome. Thanks.

  25. OldEnglishGame says:

    I’m die ing here. I have to have market watch.
    I’ve waited all week to get market watch and I can’t take this delay much longer.
    Where is market watch?

  26. Gordo says:

    I was actually thinking something Really different.

    The US military actually knows and accepts peak-oil and AGW so we
    would likely be better off if we were a military dictatorship than what we
    currently have.

    Sad isn’t it.

  27. jischinger says:

    what choices am I being given?

    To stay and suffer under the same bullshit corrupt system?

    If I’m going to suffer at least I want to know what I’m suffering for, and I’ll tell you this, it’s not the guys in DC or on Wall Street.

    If states start to secede, people can choose a silver/gold economy, they can come up with alternative energy, they can say screw copyright especially on the issues that matter most to human survival.

    If I’m going to suffer, if I have to live simply then I want to CHOOSE who and what I serve.

    Give me at least that.

  28. Mark Lytle says:

    I’m always amazed at people who don’t understand that Tar Sands extraction and deep sea drilling are themselves, obvious signs of Peak Oil.

  29. Mark Lytle says:

    I’m always amazed at people who don’t understand that Tar Sands extraction and deep sea drilling are themselves, obvious signs of Peak Oil.

  30. ZORRO LONDON says:

    People talk about “reality TV”.

    The mainstream media and experts tell us (whichever country we are in) ….that we are in “RECOVERY”…repeated over and over again.

    Here is some REALITY in the form from an excerpt from an email I received today from a friend of mine in what is a middle class area in the States, and that was previously unscathed from Mr.Obamas & Mr.Bernankes………….RECOVERY!

    “It is hard to stay happy, though, when I see how many homes are for sale in our neighborhood. So many of my clients have left the area, gone bankrupt, in forclosure, insolvent, out of work, you name it. It is just the tip of the iceburg I’m afraid.”

    There you go!

    Theres your reality…..not the mainstream media and politicians version LIUE heaped upon LIE. And you wonder why these presenters are paid a fortune!

    And what will the next bit of “reality” be after the recent crap that…a bit of radioactivity does you good, will it be ………WAR IS GOOD FOR YOU !

    When will the sheeple in whatever country wake up?

    Or, is it that they already been broken and brainwashed like the majority of Jewish people in the 1930s that formed in polite lines waiting to be “re-settled”

    Yes they sure were “re-settled” to the gates of hell, with another lie over the door to their final destination …..the slogan…..”Arbaht Maht Frei”…..meaning “Work Sets You Free”

    We….ladies and gentlemen of the SLA, are being led to the 21st century version of “Debt sets you free” ……………Z

  31. John Galt says:

    Update from Canada: I just paid a visit to my coin dealer to buy another 50 oz. of physical silver. (My son is now a convert and has decided that holding physical is the wisest move – long term). When I called yesterday they had over 500 MLs in stock from panic sellers. By the time I got there they were cleaned out. I asked the guy where his supply was coming from. It seems that right now whatever they have available for sale is whatever sellers decide to bring in, then it gets sold out within hours. Little inventory seems to be coming in from places like Mocatta, Apmex, Perth or RCM aside from preorders with at least 4 weeks worth of wait times. Ended up settling for 1 oz. bars. By the time I left they had 2 x 60 oz. bags of junk silver left, 2 x 100 oz bars (which looked to be recently and crudely poured) and 1 x 1000 oz banker bar (stamped 2011)….and the display case was crowded with people trying to decide on what to buy. Unless more sellers show up they should be cleaned out by end of day, aside from the banker bar.

  32. TImothy Geithner says:

    I will be asking the questions here Kurt Cobb.

  33. ZORRO LONDON says:

    @ Steve D

    Viz earlier post……right on Steve, and pity we are on two separate continents for a beer…..Z

  34. John Galt says:

    @ Zorro

    You may as well be paraphrasing George Orwell from his book 1984, reciting the newspeak of the Ministry of Truth:
    War is Peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Ignorance is Strength
    Frightened people submit to Big Brother because they’re promised Peace, Freedom and Strength (under the illusion of being provided protection). What they get is War, Slavery and Ignorance – and thanks to the latter they remain oblivious.

  35. jimmy chen says:


    herro hope good day

    dhis is to celebrate your new island

  36. ebrutto says:

    Thought you might like this Max and Erghhhh;-)
    French prime minister accepts we are at Peak Oil, first of G7 economies.
    The author translates here:

  37. jimmy chen says:

    @ 8BALL

    me go no where near china


  38. Mother Earth says:

    Tomorrow a tryout of a climate babe hunting climatebabes, and the first prize handout in Rotterdam 😉

    Anything specific to help with regarding PMF?

  39. David says:

    Psychologists are watching the behavior of a news disorder due to the MASSIVE RECENT SILVER SELLOFF: Learn more:

    The News UNIT

  40. foober says:

    why is it that all the energy now is controlled by the same corrupt selfish corporations. And why don’t these corporations care about polluting the entire world. What kind of person allows for the destruction of the earth like these oil do.

  41. jimmy chen says:



  42. jimmy chen says:


  43. Nigel says:

    Libya is not just about oil – none of the regime changes under way or planned in the future in that region are solely about oil – there’s gold in there as well – that is perhaps how the US hopes to get all that leased gold back, keep the oil flowing and keep the sheeple quiet.

    If that’s what they’re thinking then they don’t have a fucking hope in hell – hang the bastards high.

  44. ZORRO LONDON says:

    @ Ahmish

    Viz your comment…..”I heard that the economic gurus finaly done the right thing to avoid economic bubbles in assets, by raising the margin needed for silver!!!”

    I take it your comment was not sarcastic?

    Glad to see you have an in depth understanding of whats going on????

    Margin rates were set higher for probably four main reasons.
    Others might add to my list.
    1. To protect the $$$ from collapsing (waisted effort as you cant defy gravity…no pun intended. You can no more save the $$$ than go to a drive in on Saturn.
    2. To stop a default of the COMEX and therefore it being utterly discredited as an institutional fraud to artificially manipulate the prices of commodities, by means of more fractional hocus pocus.
    3. To stop J.P.Morgan going bust. Not too good for that to happen on Mr.Obamas watch.
    4. To send a message that the US Govt is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the $$$ and manipulate commodities. Debt for the people of the world is no object.

    Problem is dear Ahmish this desparate show of political manipulation as with all historical interventions by Governments…….NEVER WORKS!

    Now….shall I repeat……NEVER WORKS!

    In fact dear Ahmish, you will be pleased to know…….it makes it a great deal worse!

    The USA does not live in a geographical bubble, other than perhaps in its own mind.

    Other countries will have their say in what happens on prices of commodities and not policy coming from a bankrupt superstate.

    Now i suggest you go and read a few history books, and you may wish to start with the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, which lasted a little more than the 60 years of the US Empire.

    You should find the parallells most interesting………………Z

  45. Sufiy says:

    Peak Oil is inevitable, question is the time of it – now we have the revelations from IEA that Crude Peak Oil has already happen in 2006. We are in the Mega Trend for the higher oil prices – it is situation when Peak Oil is multiplied by Inflation.
    Our Energy Diet is unsustainable we need to start the painful transition to the post carbon society now. Empire will not last long if we will have to fight more wars for the luxury of flowing Oil.
    There is the solution – it is Electric Cars. This time we can really chose and demand changers by our actions – join the movement, support Electric Cars and spread the word.


  46. ZORRO LONDON says:

    @ Nigel

    Its never solely about oil, but IT IS about WHO controls oil price and availability.

    The $$$$ must therefore remain king.

    Until of course the king becomes sick or is assassinated.

    Anyone that messes with the US control, gets “squeezed!”…………………Z

  47. silberblick says:

    Hey guys,
    Here’s a hilarious animation exhorting folks to get even with the banksters and government by joining the SLA:


  48. death to the NWO says:

    I bought more old 500 lira ( 83,5 % ) silver . My dealer told me that there is shortage of silver . I can’t find any Philarmoniker or silver Eagle below 35 Euro which is equal to $50.75 . So the paper silver can do what JP Morgan wants , but the reality is that the physical market is totally different from the paper BS .

  49. evolutis says:

    You always provide good information Max …THX
    The drive for money is so intensive; nothing sways believers from spending countless hours and funds backstopping the chronic problems of the monetary pig; “socialism for the rich”.
    When we discuss money problems we speak in a language we do not understand. Moreover, it is designed so that we are not supposed to understand. Without the hinderance of money we try things like …

  50. GGees says:

    Its difficult to believe that so many people are in denial about oil and its accelerating collapse. How can anyone beleive that we can grow at compound rates within a finite world? These same morons want to kick the can down the road and let their children deal with the problems. This is bi-polar behaviour in extremis! Screw the future, fuck your kids, who cares, kill the rag heads etc. Well you cannot photoshop reality and you dumb fucks will get what you deserve.
    Hopefully there are enough sensible people out there to prevent this scenario, Im not holding my breat but preparing as best I can for what is coming

  51. MEJ says:

    Interesting interview. Maybe I’ll check out that novel. I thought he covered both peak-water and peak-cheap oil rather well.

  52. Mark_BC says:

    “Well you cannot photoshop reality and you dumb fucks will get what you deserve.”

    And those dumb fucks are going to shaft all the rest of us too, unfortunately because we all live on the same planet.

    Hey Max, you brought up the tar sands and how much water it uses to process dirt into gasoline. Here is an even more significant tidbit of information — how much NATURAL GAS it takes to turn dirt into gasoline. How much do you think? Would you believe that it takes approximately half as much energy in natural gas to turn dirt into gasoline, as what the gasoline itself contains!!! And this is based on numbers from the oil industry itself which is probably a significant underestimate so the actual number may be something close to 1.

    This means that the THE TAR SANDS ARE NOT A SOURCE OF ENERGY. The energy in your made-in-Alberta gasoline actually comes from all over the rest of the continent, in the form of the huge quantities of natural gas that has to piped in to Alberta to supply the tar sands. This is totally ridiculous in the age of Peak Oil, and again these are facts the oil industry does NOT want the average person to understand.

    And today I just had instructions give to me on how to convert my Prius over to a plugin with 50 miles of electric only range before the gasoline engine turns on. Since most people’s daily driving is less than 50 miles, this would reduce gasoline consumption by those drivers by like 95%.

    It’s funny, because Toyota could EASILY make a plugin Prius, if it wasn’t for that pesky patent abuse by Chevron concerning Toyota’s NiMH battery, which I have circumvented by using a lithium iron phosphate battery aftermarket conversion kit. I have all the parts, I just have to put in a few days’ work to put it all together.

    The word needs to get out, we can get off gasoline, it’s easy, we just need way more EV’s, people need to revolt and demand them from every automaker.

  53. Gerrit Govaerts says:

    Socialism for the rich ! Only in America … why am I not even surprised

  54. swell says:

    Josh Fox’s Gasland (2010), is a very important film depicting the rapid ubiquitous destruction of potable ground water source availability, resulting from the gas extraction process known as “fracking’.

    Much ground has been lost, er, rather “water” lost, since the release of Cadillac Desert (1997), the frank documentary about the dire fresh water shortage confronting the USA.

    But I remember as recently as a decade or so ago, I found myself screaming bloody murder at the big money attempts to locate a major nuclear waste dump, on the edge of the Colorado River.

    Do you think many people care? Your guest is right. They are not being adequately informed and are not being told the truth about things.

  55. jischinger says:

    Tar Sands & Water

    Aerial View of Tar Sands Action September 15, 2009

    Once upon a time in the forest….
    Kumi Naidoo – Tar Sands

  56. mbridges says:

    Hydroxy (HHO) technology is here, could be implemented immediately, but is deliberately kept on ‘slo-mo’. Stop the interference with this technology immediately Problem solved! (for everyone but the international banking /corporate cabal).

  57. Dark Markets says:

    Max question about spending WAR $$ on ALTERNATIVE energy (at about 6:56 in first video): “Why not just spend that money [instead of on WARS] on ALTERNATIVE energy, & leave those poor people in Mideast alone?”

    Kurt Cobb: “I think you’ve got it exactly right, IF we, the United States, took those TRILLIONS of dollars that we’ve spent on…what turns out to be these completely USELESS wars, on I think we’ed be seeing a GRADUAL GOOD-BYE TO OIL RIGHT NOW, I think we’ed be using a lot less oil now, that would be a NICE situation…
    but the FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY in USA is still very large…. there’s still lots of fossil fuel in the ground to extract [and make profit from] – it’s BAD PUBLIC POLICY, but that’s the REALITY.”
    “In Europe, there is not much in the way of fossil fuels left, there is NOT a large FOSSIL FUEL LOBBY to FIGHT renewable energy, to FIGHT [against] good public transportation.”
    Here you are, America: MEET YOUR FOSSIL FUEL OVERLORDS – there can be NO question, THESE are the men (and women) who STOLE that OVERWHELMING “CHANGE!” mandate VOTERS WANTED in Nov. 2008, and gave us MORE of BUSH/cheney/GOP style “OIL uber alles” financial & economic DEPENDENCY on IMPORTED OIL, and have SABOTAGED meaningful ALTERNATIVE ENERGY INVESTMENT for past 2 years! –

    In case anyone thinks I’m being “RACIST” or “anti-_____” making a DIRECT CONNECTION between the RUBINITES who OWN this current (obama) presidency, and the George W. Bush style “ENRON LICENSE to CORNER the energy markets in USA” policies coming out of today’s Rubinite White House, see this little gem of an article: it wasn’t Enron, but Bob Rubin’s GODDAMN-SACHS, which tried to CORNER the WORLD’s ENTIRE oil market back in early 2008,
    a “$500 billion FRAUD perpetrated on the people of the world, [by] a successful scam [that] pushed up oil prices by $50 a barrel for 100 days.”

    This oil/GAS price SHOCK in summer of 2008, btw, was the PROXIMATE CAUSE of the Sept. 2008 markets meltdown that ushered in Hank’s Paulson’s “camel’s nose in the tent” $700 billion ($23+ TRILLION!) BAILOUTS” era – the “CHEAP CREDIT, use your mortgaged house as an ATM PONZI SCHEME” had been percolating along in early 2008, UNTIL soaring gas prices CHOCKED the last spendable dollars out of American consumers pockets, those prices KILLED “Discretionary spending” in American families’ budgets, KILLING the demand for non-essential spending like tourism, expensive restaurants, vacations, etc. (which ECONOMIC CONTRACTION was the straw that broke camel’s back in the Real Estate bubble > market crash.)

    Break out a clean sheet of paper,
    “What does the israel war lobby want?”
    “What does the oil lobby want?” (BP wanted “FRIENDS in the White House, to act as a WET BLANKET on government criticism of their FOULING the Gulf of Mexico)
    “What to the Goldman Sachsers want?”
    “what do the ‘people’ in the Obama White House want” –

    they are ALL THE SAME THINGS!
    there’s not a hairs-breadth of difference between the Bush-Cheney-Palin-McCain-Cantor-Boehner-Bernanke oil lobby /Wall St. /Fed – bailouts /expanding wars/police state radical RIGHT-WING REPUBLICANS,
    and the emanuel-summers-geithner-bernake-axelrod-orszag-lew-kagan-gensler-schapiro-bernstein-schumer-feinstein-harman “of, by & for Goldman sachs & war lobby” “Democrats.”

  58. swell says:

    Dang, Dark Markets, you write good.

  59. Dark Markets says:

    why, thank you! I (try to) START with GOOD INFO..!!

    (like the Max interview with Curt Cobb I partially transcribe, “cherry-pick”, above!)

  60. eric says:

    max did not answer a really interesting question…..i wish he would make a video responce or something

  61. indeed says:

    Good timing Max. I just watched a Nova program yesterday about energy. (It’s on the internet). These people think we have solutions, but it’s fragmented and they have to start NOW. Ha! Ha! That’s gonna happen.
    So my thinking is that we don’t need MORE macroeconomists or even microeconomists. Also, I don’t think we’re “dumb fucks”, I’m thinking we just don’t know what the hell we are supposed to do. One thing that the government is afraid of is to find people who really care and really understand the problems, to allow PERSONAL solutions. This doesn’t only apply to banksters and peak oil, it has to do with EVERYTHING that the government has poked their noses into. I’ve tried and whined and screamed on the internet – we just cannot wrap our little minds around personal solutions (within the constraints of governance, finance and society), without making a jillions dollars a day for doing “God’s work” (screw the little guy, ignore the poor). Whatever happened to utilizing human capital – I mean really, do we have to have electric can openers? Do we have to starve, dehydrate, pollute, povertize and murder people in order to control the population explosion? Do we have to make war to get energy? I think not.

  62. Adam says:

    What is he basing his assertion that the easily accesible natural gas has been or will soon be used up? I thought this stuff was a industry secret. Any documents or statistics to back up the claim?

  63. The Comeback Kid says:

    I Loved Moriarty’s little blog there gloating. Ha Ha Ha you SLA. I told you you didn’t have more money than Jamie Dimon.
    Well Jamie Dimon has NO money. He has Fiat. Silver is money to me. Now. Not later. Everyone must stop bending over mowing his lawn. The grocer needs to stop taking it in the mouth accepting his paper in exchange for Groceries. The Gas station should stop taking it up the ass giving him and the other bastards Fuel.
    Everytime I get a buck I buy Silver at any price because I want Money not Fairydust.
    We must stop being fiat whores and maybe the Dollar will Go Away!
    We need to turn Ame-Rica back into America.

  64. J says:

    Mom–can I have some money? What for? I am gonna fight peak oil !
    But, but, I just gave you a $100 yesterday !!! Well, Ma..that was for the global warming fund fight.
    Can you sneeze and yawn at the same time… Stuff like that sucks soo much energy out of the most immediate, and most pressing issue-yanking the printing press out the hands of the Fed.Treating the causes first will do better.

  65. Bonn says:

    Yawn all nonsense !!!!….I think
    Hic 😉
    Wikileaks is a cIA front !!!!!

  66. Bonn says:

    How convienent fer the Obama’s Administartion to have Wikileaks episode…The main thing is screwed US Economy….@ Max i dont buy yer Peak Oil/water …..and u hit it on the Nail……why was USA spendin trillions of dollars in the middle East….WHY? WHY? to capture Peak Oil Fields ?????
    Hic 😉

  67. Bonn says:

    Peak Water…….lolz…….Whats the Earth Covered wit ??? Ofc its Radiated by Fukashima ….but stilll
    Hic 😉

  68. Bonn says:

    Fear mongerers lolz
    Hic 😉
    Credit crises …..Zero Sum Game …….someone stole the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    the money didnt go into a Black Hole……someone has it !!!

  69. MrJones says:


    “we just cannot wrap our little minds around personal solutions”. Sure we can, buy silver, and then buy more silver, and then buy even more silver. That’s personal solutions you can wrap your head and hands around.

  70. Dark Markets says:

    @ Mark_BC:
    “And today I just had instructions give to me on how to convert my Prius over to a plugin with 50 miles of electric only range before the gasoline engine turns on. Since most people’s daily driving is less than 50 miles, this would reduce gasoline consumption by those drivers by like 95%.

    It’s funny, because Toyota could EASILY make a plugin Prius, if it wasn’t for that pesky patent abuse by Chevron concerning Toyota’s NiMH battery, which I have circumvented by using a lithium iron phosphate battery aftermarket conversion kit. I have all the parts, I just have to put in a few days’ work to put it all together.”
    THANKS for that text-book example of Alternative Energy SABOTAGE that I was ranting about (in my earlier comment, above).

    A friend of mine drove an ALL ELECTRIC Toyota RAV-4 EV in 2006 (first available _1997_ ) but only 328 were ever made, because of CHEVRON’s PATENT INCUMBRENCE.
    Turns out that TEXACO saw the “NO NEED TO BURN GASOLINE!” battery patent, and BOUGHT IT UP to QUASH it…. then Chevron took over Texaco in that big monopoly/fraud lawsuit, but Chevron persisted in Texaco’s alternative energy SABOTAGE.

    Clearly ALL 3 past US presidents are DERELICT in THEIR DUTIES to oversee & encourage America’s energy progress,
    to not COME DOWN ON CHEVRON like a ton of bricks, if they don’t ALLOW & ENCOURAGE WIDESPREAD USE of their patent, instead of SABOTAGING with corporate lawyers the next step in America’s energy efficiency & progress..
    This NEGLECT and PRETEND IGNORANCE is all the more despicable on the part of a president who, as candidate in 2008, pledged, promised, & talked up Alternative Energy progress.

  71. stephent44 says:

    max should listen to lindsey williams latest comments back in mid October 2010.