9-15-2011, mark you calendar, first official day of the New World Order

28 comments on “9-15-2011, mark you calendar, first official day of the New World Order
  1. snoop diddy says:

    frigging hell, btfd and get set.

  2. trish says:

    as I have been saying all along the bankers are not going to go down. the system will be kept going, and when the time is right they will replace it with something that is even better for them and much worse for us.

  3. chomtronic says:

    In the early 2000’s the Fed, Bank of England and Japanese central bank all intervened to prop up the weak euro.
    Coordinated NWO intervention is nothing new.

  4. snoop diddy says:

    go long ‘0’ keyboard keys.

  5. QE3,4,5,6, to infinity and beyond!!!


    HSBC dropped from silver price suppression lawsuit

  6. snoop diddy says:

    Seriously, is there anyone who is buying this ‘liquidity’ nonsense anymore?

  7. Robert Mockan says:

    People who said there is collusion among the central banks to form their New World Order were called conspiracy nuts. We can put that lie about being nuts to rest now.
    When psychopaths call me a nut, I take that personally. There WILL be a reckoning.

    When people said there was a gold cartel, and it was suppressing the gold price because gold might supplant the counterfeit money the central banks were making, and interfere with the insane oligarchs agenda for world domination, they were called conspiracy nuts. That lie about being nuts was put to rest a long time ago.
    When psychopaths and kleptocrats call me a nut, and effectively steal my investments in gold and gold stocks by manipulating the market lower when I was invested long, I take that personally. There WILL be a reckoning.

    When the government said the housing market was not in a bubble, and Greenspan said take out adjustable rate mortgages to buy as large a house as one could afford, and the lenders were giving loans even to dead people, there were people who told me I was a nut for believing it was a conspiracy to crash the economy and usher in the New World Order. We can lay that lie to rest. I take it personally when psychopaths, government, kleptocrats, ignorant and stupid people, tell me I am a nut. There WILL be a reckoning.

    Focus on the enemy. Destroy the insane oligarchs.

  8. Robert Mockan says:

    @ snoop diddy

    Evidently some people are buying into the latest liquidity nonsense. Gold is plummeting.
    Down over 60 from the opening. Now at 1778 and dropping like a rock. Silver also going straight down.

  9. learning2 says:

    This journalist (?) never provides links, and if he does, or if BI does, they generally never supply the info or details mentioned. Where is the additional information about how this works et al????

    BI sucks

  10. jimmy chen says:

    we are going to turn on the spigots….. but gold goes down 47 bucks…… hahahahaha


  11. snoop diddy says:

    European Stocks Rally on Greek Support, ECB Liquidity Measures

    European stocks rallied as Germany and France said Greece will remain a member of the euro and the European Central Bank announced coordinated measures with the Federal Reserve to ensure banks have enough dollars.

    article continues…

  12. Jean Desjardins says:

    Wow lol 12,000$ Silver. Yes, that’s SILVER!

  13. Jean Desjardins says:

    It’s getting to the point where it’s becoming ludicrous. Let’s have all the world banks print Gazitrillions of dollars now. Did I say interest-bearing dollars?


  14. snoop diddy says:

    the New World Western Order has always been at war with EastEurAsia.

  15. Jean Desjardins says:

    Dang! Gold/Silver down on news like this? How come?

  16. snoop diddy says:

    So how long do you give before Papaendreou ‘requests’ NATO troops on the streets of Greece for ‘helping and protecting it from terrorists’?

  17. snoop diddy says:


    Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou said a positive fifth review from the International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank and European Commission, the so-called troika, will pave the way for implementation of the July 21 European Union summit decisions.

    “With the completion of a positive review from the troika Greece will undoubtedly be supported in accordance with July’s decisions,” Papandreou said in an e-mailed transcript of a speech made to his Cabinet today. “This review will show that we have done what needed doing.”

    Papandreou said there is work ahead and Greece isn’t far from achieving its target for a primary surplus next year.

  18. skemmite says:

    If everyones so broke . Where are they getting the money from? Is it more funny money backed by nothing?

  19. MIKE/CANADA says:

    @Jean Desjardins |
    “Dang! Gold/Silver down on news like this? How come?”
    Buy some. Its great buy in my eyes. The dollar is going to get pump up on this bail out ..or go dollars short
    If your in Canada I just did up some sliver @ 38 oz..

  20. susan says:

    @Robert Mockan

    I’m with you on this one: there WILL be a reckoning, and it needs people like us to keep the faith during the hard times.

    BTFD like there’s no tommorow (as long as you already have the farm, and the saved seeds, and the access to water, and the compost, etc – otherwise, buy those FIRST!)

    Then – BTFD.

    Good luck all – this, I believe, is the bumpy plateau…

  21. I_Can_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    @robert mochan,susan, +1, aren’t those stocks poised on the brink of a big rise.
    The BBC (lol) announced that the extra liquidity is for loans to help people and businesses, after 2008 it got a lot harder to lend any money so is it predictable that this time round its going to be even more difficult to loan anything whatsoever?
    As we all know its just a big con to get everyones money and make us poor.
    Of course it’ll make PM prices go up surely.

  22. susan says:

    Well, you can’t eat computers, so I highly recommend getting supplies in, getting some books on gardening and saving some (non-hybrid) seeds…..then stock the blocks, or keep hang of the lingots….

    This could be a long ride.

    FWIW: my 86yr old Mum heard on UK radio that gold will halve in the next few weeks, i.e. so you’d better get rid of it while you still can. All over Toulouse, where I live during the week, there are smutty little gold-buying shops springing up all over with gaudy signs outside, saying they’ll relieve you of your trash gold, including teeth….

    Whilst on the French radio this morning they said that due to the high number of thefts of gold in Jeweller’s shops in Marseille, gold would no longer be available for sale in those shops. Yeah, right!

    Honestly, you couldn’t make this stuff up!

  23. John Robb says:

    This reminds me of my comment to the latest OnTheEdge. Last weekend I got the notion that we may see an official peg coupling the FRN and Euro sometime this month. The final tweaking stage just prior to the engagement of such a mechanism may be a bit dramatic. Many potential scenarios, none of them good in the long run. A global currency would actually be more condusive to free markets. A global network of (moveable) currency pegs would give central-banking maximum control to pump liquidity where they see fit.

  24. skemmite says:

    Repeat. Where is the “liquidity” coming from? Is it printed money?
    Im no expert.
    Someone reply.

  25. acudoc says:

    Internet e-transaction banks; no fractional-reserve lending, only lending from actual savings at true interest rates.

    I think the only way out, ultimately, for the people.

  26. Robert Mockan says:

    @ skemmite

    The definition of liquidity is an asset that can be converted to cash quickly.
    When the central banks say they are going to inject liquidity into the system, they lie. What they are going to do is counterfeit more money. The problem in any case was not liquidity. The problem was insolvency. Further more, the situation has deteriorated now to the point where business no longer has confidence in the monetary system, or in an economic recovery. This latest ploy by the central banks may be the next to last step in introducing the globalist one world currency. When their “efforts” at reviving business and the economies fail (as they are actually designed to do), this might be the “synthesis” step of their latest Hegelian dialectic item being used to progress towards their desired New World Order.

    To sum up. There is no “liquidity”. It is not even money they are making any more in the strictest sense. Just counterfeit. Being used to further central banks power and control.

    People need to keep their focus through this, on the real enemy. Destroy the insane oligarchs.