[OTE132] On the Edge with Dan Collins of The China Money Report

This guy, Dan Collins, has a great new site, The China Money Report, which covers all the local news in China, especially gold and silver!

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  1. snoop diddy says:

    good show, imo – long China, short CCP (at least in its current form)

  2. VyseLegend says:

    America and China are both fine. Its their kleptocratic political machines that are running around like chickens with their head cut off.

  3. Daniel S says:

    I like this guy. In my opinion his blog is really good too.

  4. Al Kyder says:


    Dan Collins China money Report .com

    One Bank in China does 20 million oz per year. Thats nearly half the entire silver production of China going into currency.

    As for Corrections. Yes Europe is China’s Biggest export market, and as for the Bi-Meatal standard, it will be a Quin Metal Standard. Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum and A basket containing them all. Each will be a separate product. There also might be Aluminium and copper in the mix somehow.

    Note the biggest silver mine is in Australia. 100 Moz per year. With the beefing up of the US base in Darwin, Australia will be riding two horses in this race. Thankfully we have a Labor Gov in power now.

    What is it with Americans and 35% profit magi’s? You see news, Fraud committed, and you ask How much is missing? Oh 35%, So it was the Americans. It like the finger prints of the criminals.

    So Gold is a barbarous relic says John Keynes and now its back in play, or in Vogue….. Ha wait what, China may have to collect Gold reserves from America. Muah Ha Ha !!

    On the recalibration of the currency “Re-Boot”

    China is at the centre of the New World Order. The arc of control for this New World Order starts in Australia in the South, and ends with Finland or Germany in the North.

    Russia probably does not need to diversify. Gas is king, and Russia has been building the infrastructures to deliver energy for 20 years plus.

    Now they are moving into Railways, Tran-Siberia to be exact. This will give Russia and the CIS countries direct access to Chinese products, bypassing European shipping.

    For Iran, this is a huge boost. All those Stans will soon have access to the Asian markets. The Biggest problem for Iran is Georgia and Azerbaijan.

    Russia has been busy with Railways to Iran ova Armenia and Ossetia. Sooner or later the Americans and BP (Amoco) are going to have to be booted out of Georgia, or Azerbaijan or both.

    Another thing is that people often believe that China and Soviet Russia were some sort of top down dictatorships. In fact, they worked very much like the Republics. Just because they are a one party system rather than two, does not mean that the people don’t have a say. In China the execution of people for “Crimes against Capital” is a response by the CCP directly from the people. The people demand justice, and the One Party state must deliver. That dynamic is a discussion for another time.

    Raising the Local living standard also ties into this mentality.

    The Two groups are the Washington Consensus, or the Rightists, and the group that wants slower appreciation of the ¥ is now called the New Left. ( ¥ or 元). The New left are more for the peasants, and they are focused on stability, the Rightists are less sacred of volatility. Stability is the name of the political game in China. They both fear falling into the same trap as the hated Japanese. This is another reason why Japan is the country to watch in Asia at the moment. Japan is the bell weather indicator.

    What happened to the days when the Worlds second biggest economy (Japan) was a client state of the worlds biggest economy. It was only a few years ago. But that arrangement was never going to last.

    Thanks to Dan Collins for explaining how China is not in a Bear market, and not even close to the dooms day stuff that we hear from Americans that makes us chuckle, (Who’s got Silver 元 🙂 \

    It reminded me of a figure from Germany that said they had debts running at 82% of GDP. Well thats great news, The American papers were saying it was doomsday for the Reich, but in that toy of financial system you want a minim of 50% debt to GDP and a maximum of about 90% Debt to GDP. So germany is right on target given the current economic climate.

    Dan Collins explained the situation in China perfectly. I second his information 100%.

    “shay shay” Dan Collins, in Return, My Shanghainese is very poor, I (Cantonese is easier for me) I can never get Sausage and Shopping Mall pronounced right. But if you go here Hai Jin Zi (海金滋) I promise you the best Shanghainese food ever.
    Also Lost heaven down at Fuxing Xi Rd is interesting.

  5. Al Kyder says:

    @ azizonomics

    Nice site. I see the trolls were unhappy that America was not given the “Silver inning treatment”

    That term “I’m long production” is something that will do you many favours in the future.

    Stay with that philosophy and *Cheers*

  6. Al Kyder says:

    @ snoop diddy

    The Rightists are weaning, the Washington Consensus is no longer the preferred model. You will see this during the next five year plan.

  7. Al Kyder says:

    @ VyseLegend

    America is not “Fine” not even close to being “Fine”.

    The days of the US$ being the worlds Sov. Currency are drawing to a close.

    As soon as Europe runs out of Countries to throw under a bus, the spot light will be thrown on America and Japan.

    When that happens, America, the US$ is screwed. The price of everything in the USA will rise 5 fold in the space of two or three years.

    Thats the best case scenario.

  8. Liz S says:

    Interviews like this one is why I love your shows. You ask an actual China expert questions about China, and you listen carefully to views that clearly were not those you started the interview with. If only the interviewers in the US could do this. It happens only to a small extent here. For example, Barry Ritholz actually co-hosted Bloomberg Surveillance one morning this week. A true breath of fresh air.

  9. SnakeEater says:

    Officials get 5 oz Silver annually during Qing Empires.

  10. BB Rebozo says:

    Great show! Dan was great. I’m opening an account with ICBC. Sorry Eric, when you get your Canadian Bank to holds my deposits in PM’s, I’ll get back with you. 🙂

  11. What-me-worry? says:

    Dan Collins – great guest and great show (and tell) Max!

  12. James says:

    Good to get an update on China. It is difficult to tell how these recent issues i.e falling exports, bad loans, gap between rich vs poor, housing and infrastructure in China will impact on growth there.

  13. Jack in Davao says:

    What I would like to know is: are these Chinese silver/gold accounts actual segregated physical metal, or are they basically just a book entry denominated in gold or silver. I don’t see how it would be practicable for banks to offer segregated physical metal accounts — it would involve a lot of metal handling and complication every time someone made a deposit or withdrawal. If they aren’t segregated physical metal, how is this different from GLD or SLV?

  14. Mary Genoud says:

    China has sound economic policies. Permitting citizens to have a gold or silver banking account further demonstrates China’s stability