[OTE148] On the Edge with Steve Keen

A conversation with Professor Steve Keen about housing bubbles, debt bubbles and Central Bank bubble blowers. We also talk about Hyman Minsky and modelling chaos.

19 comments on “[OTE148] On the Edge with Steve Keen
  1. Frans says:

    Thnx Max and Steve!
    Great interview, so clear I even didn’t have to strain myself a bit to understand it!

  2. F. Beard says:

    GREAT INTERVIEW with Professor Steve Keen but WHY no discussion of his “A Modern Jubilee”? Hmm?

  3. Alf says:

    Thanks Max & Steve…Quick, concise, totally understandable analysis of
    especially the UK situation. I’ve learnt more here in 20 minutes than in
    4 years reading through MSM bullshit…
    You two guys need to kick the MSM door in and get some truth out there.

  4. JonnyJames says:

    Yes! Hudson on KR and Keen OtE back to back! My two favorite economists.

    @FBeard but Keen has been on before and talked about debt jubilees, Hudson as well.
    @Alf I second that!
    @Huh thanks for posting that the Emperor signed HR 347. Only a very few sites reported this. Of course Ron Paul was one of a handful who voted no on this Orwellian neo-fascist destruction of the Bill of Rights.

  5. DavidC says:

    Great one, thanks Max. Steve Keen is one of my favourites and spot-on.


  6. trooper dave says:

    Keen & Hudson …. very concise. The parasites that caused everything are going to benefit from the depression; the people are going to pay(to the parasite) to save the parasite; the politicians will lick the parasites backside and force the people to pay; the pressitute media will censor every bit of information to prevent the people from finding out the nature of the parasite OR that there even IS a parasite; the MSM will shove propaganda down the peoples throat convincing them that it was the peoples own fault AND that now they have to pay;

    @F Beard…. no mention of debt jubilee because that is sheer fantasy and not going to happen. The only way any debt is dropped is if the people realise there IS a parasite and that is has to be exterminated. Yeah but, the average man is too busy making it day to day to look at or think about the big picture. But many of these average Joes who can’t tax their brain with knowledge CAN tell you who scored a goal in a football game 5, 10, 15 years ago and what knuckle dragger was man of the match.
    People need to learn how to identify priorities that have effect on their lives, the lives of their families and of the children’s families.

  7. alan says:

    “It’s not a crisis it’s a plan” Bankers and developers in Australia will be mollycoddled because we are a society run for corrupt powerful interests. Oligarchs if you like.

  8. Alf says:

    Many ordinary Joe’s are too scared to think…it might change things!

  9. snoop diddy says:

    Keen looking for truth in an industry that abhors it.

  10. Lucky Country says:

    People are buying property again in Melbourne as they think it is cheap because the prices have dropped 10% in the last 12 months, so I give it 6 months and we will see the prices fall again and there will be no stopping it.
    The central bank here is powerless as we have a 2 speed economy, mining and the rest, and this is distorting the figures.
    So the banks are setting their own mortgage rates regardless of the RBA’s rate.

  11. Sacramento Joe says:

    I LOVE Steve Keen…..the only rational Australian left….Good on YOU mate!!!

    Max…..please….please bring Nicole back to your show…..she will be heading to New Zealand for the next couple weeks…..How about a report on her Aussie visit and world tour??? So she’s not so pro gold….get over it and invite her to OTE or KR. Come on Stacy….help me out with this one.

    Come on Max.



  12. Cowpoke says:

    Steve mentioned in one of his videos about 3 factors ( or 3 real units ) of input required for 1 real unit of production output. This is my understanding. Is this correct? Doesn’t this tell us something about how fictional (product of our imagination) money really is? A big enough distraction for us, that money can mystically correct all our problems. Isn’t this really a negative sum game. Aren’t we realistically consuming ourselves out of existence.

  13. trooper dave says:

    @cowpoke The fractional reserve illusionary system of money IS the problem. But as everyone on the planet was born into a system that surmounts their lives and appears vital for every aspect of life it is very, very, very hard to even contemplate any thing other than this system. This is why rules and regulations that control the system of exchange (money) have to be changed to weed out the parasitical element that is able to flourish in the world we live in now.
    The people of the world are in a money system that allows the controllers of the system to use it on the people as a form of slavery OR farming of people’s labour. Unfortunately, just like a real farm, where a sheep knows nothing of the fact that it is being farmed; it simply thinks this is how life goes on; eat grass; piles of food and hay appear from time to time; the wool is cut from them every now and again; it gets dipped every now and again. It is the same with people – they simply see what goes on around them as the way life is.

  14. Andy B says:

    @ F. Beard, JonnyJames, Max,

    Great interview but yes, right when Keen hinted at debt forgiveness, Max jumped along. Keen didn’t get to answer that part of the question: “what should they do, if not austerity or money printing?”

    Since Keen is now recognized as a genius,
    Keen’s forgiveness of debt might be listened to.

    And we missed a chance.

  15. Andrew Stocks says:

    I think Greece should sweep up their debt bombs and IOU’s and send them back to Godman Sucks in a large wooden horse.

  16. Becky says:

    I don’t wish for chaos, but there is so much denial about the state of the economy here in the UK perhaps people will be less passive now (soon).