[KR338] Keiser Report: Euthanized Economy

We discuss uncertain futures for banks in Italy and business purgatory for citizens unable to retire in America. They discuss Monte dei Paschi Bank in Italy which survived the Borgias and the pestilence only to crumble when faced with the fraud and low interest rate world engineered by Alan Greenspan. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Bill Still about his latest film – Jekyll Island.

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  1. stacyherbert says:

    @Alan – I know you wish to believe it was evil regulation and the bought off politicians that failed to regulate that caused the derivatives disaster; but watch the film with Brooksley Born featured; there were no regulations but ‘self-regulation’ in the derivatives market post 2000; the Commodities Futures Modernization Act deregulated the OTC market and from this stemmed the free market in fraud: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commodities_Futures_Modernization_Act It would have been fine if we had just allowed them to defraud each other, but not only did we bail them out but the scale of their leveraged frauds was so great that even if we hadn’t bailed them out, these fraud holes would have sucked in most of the global liquidity and wealth regardless

  2. Vonda Bra says:

    Anonymous Member Takes Down GoDaddy, Takes Down Millions of Sites


    ” ..Putting all your domain names in one big registrar is like putting all your money in one big bank, when it fails, the world comes to a crash

    “According to many customers, sites hosted by major web host and domain registrar GoDaddy are down. According to the official GoDaddy Twitter account the company is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it. Update: customers are complaining that GoDaddy hosted e-mail accounts are down as well, along with GoDaddy phone service and all sites using GoDaddy’s DNS service.

    Update 2: Anonymous is claiming responsibility. A member of Anonymous known as AnonymousOwn3r is claiming responsibility, and makes it clear this is not an Anonymous collective action.

    AnonymousOwn3r’s bio reads

    “Security leader of #Anonymous (~Official member~).” The individual claims to be from Brazil, and hasn’t issued a statement as to why GoDaddy was targeted.

    Last year GoDaddy was pressured into opposing SOPA as customers transferred domains off the service. However, AnonymousOwn3r has tweeted “I’m not anti go daddy, you guys will undestand because i did this attack.””

  3. kdt says:


    yep so i was corect wallstreet pulled the funding on so. cal. municipalities in retaliation for even CONSIDERING using eminent domain to salvage residential areas from the liers loans that wallstereet foisted on the public. never mind the soundness of that plan, WHAT right did the lenders have to jerk the rug out from under an entire city? a move like that at just the right moment and BLAMO an entire metro area goes up in rioting and arson!!! this BULLSHIT has gone quite fare ENUFF time to clean house!!!! these inbred morons have pushed things TOO far! WHO the hell do they think they are???

    and the SPIN of this story? WTF???? WHO are a bunch of corprate welfair addicted TBTF enabling BROKER types to judge the scocialistic tendencies of the state of california?
    WALLSTREET needs to STFU they have had how long to fix this isue? and HOW much bailout money did they receve? FUCK OFF YOU RENT SEEKING LEACHES it is time and WAY past time to adress the finantial ENSLAVEMENT perpetrated on mortgagge holders by YOU ASSHOLES………. YOU ALL had your feast DO NOT expect us to now allow you to leave with the cake!!!!!!!
    redressing YOUR criminal behavior is NOT scocialisim by any streach and the cities are the ones stuck BULLDOSING these ticky tack shacks after there abandond by the owners AND the banksters and then turn in to crack houses so it is eminet domain now OR after you have squeezed every last drop of life out of the owners.
    the loans have been “serviced” and you have ALLREADY been indemnified by the tax payers for these write downs be smart LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!

  4. Vonda Bra says:

    A Philosopher Calls the 2012 US Presidential Elections!

    Heads they win, tails you lose.
    Stefan Molyneux predicts the end of civilization in November 2012.


  5. Mike says:

    I very much enjoy watching your videos, however, I also, take exception to your attacks on the “Americanized” Austrian School of economics. Perhaps since the American public has been stupified by decades of mind-numbing television and turned into mostly sheeple, a watered down version of Austrian economics is a necessary pablum to feed to those few Americans still able to discern some different view of economics other than Keynesianism? Small, baby steps Max.

    Someday will you mention on your video that the only true, systemic change which will occur, will occur only after violent, public uprisings, as has been happening throughout history?

  6. Mabs says:

    Oh…this explains so much…. Yesterday when I was musing about Rothbard actually talking about using the “unwashed masses” to defeat the the more “major bad guys,” namely, the “power elite,” I thought, wait just a dern minute…is he actually bragging about using demagoguery to consolidate power…surely not….no way….



    It is true that, in the long run, we will never be free until the intellectuals–the natural molders of public opinions–have been converted to the side of freedom. In the short run, however, the only route to liberty is by an appeal to the masses over the heads of the State and its intellectual bodyguard. And this appeal can be made most effectively by the demagogue–the rough, unpolished man of the people, who can present the truth in simple, effective, yes emotional, language. The intellectuals see this clearly, and this is why they constantly attack every indication of libertarian demagoguery as part of a “rising tide of anti-intellectualism.” Of course, it is not anti-intellectualism; it is the saving of mankind from those intellectuals who have betrayed the intellect itself.


  7. Mabs says:

    @Mike – thanks for making my point.

  8. John Robb says:

    @Stacy & Alan

    In the first half of comments to this page, regarding your Constitutional debate, I just want to reply here that I don’t find your respective arguments mutually exclusive, that I see you both making equally legitimate and good points, and that I see you both as being “right”.

    In the second half of comments to this page, regarding your fresher debate topic(s), again you both make good points. Of course my own arguments fall a bit more in line with Alan’s, and I would like to add a few points…

    “derivatives disaster” is redundant. The disaster began at their onset. I could agree with you all day long that the CMFA was bad legislation, but that doesn’t negate the point that there was a severe problem before the year 2000.

    “It would have been fine if we had just allowed them to defraud each other…

    …if we hadn’t bailed them out, these fraud holes would have sucked in most of the global liquidity and wealth regardless”

    Stacy, you sound like a cross between Greenspan and Ryan there. 😀


  9. not_me says:

    what difrence is there (other than face value) between a gold coin and the nickle copper sandwiches emited by the us tresury that Bill Still likes so well? kdt

    Unnecessary expense for one thing. Arbitrarily limiting the creation rate of government money for another. The preclusion of Steve Keen’s universal bailout for another. The favoring of what should be a purely private money form for another.

  10. ronron says:

    lucky number 212 doesn’t win the new keiser coin. it started out as a storage and now it,s a coin? i call bullshit. i thought you were only storing for people with 100000? do you ever remember or care what you say?

  11. Youri Carma says:

    <a href="Visit W3Schools.com! ” target=”_blank”>Europe Must Be Bold on Intellectual Property, Report Says

  12. David Liberty says:

    Here is Bernanke as a child

  13. capt ray says:

    @ youri
    That last article you posted;
    (I red it twice, but still it doesn’t make sence to me).

    He brings up Apple, Google, etc.
    He sees them as companies that can generate innovation etc (I.e. growth).
    Financionally, ofcourse if all content is regulated and enforced with centenses of jail time (and subcequent concequences) you get a cookiecutter output. Easy to generate and easy to sell.

    He puts, at least that’s how I interpeted that article, the content generator (me in this instand litterally) on the and of his list. Somehow this shows to me like it could be the “outcome” of the earlier mentioned three internet companies.

    Backward thinking, imo.

  14. Bev says:

    And, Bill Still please along with everyone else speak up about election issues such as the computerized voting which is not evidence, and look who owns these machines–the worst of the gop right wing:

    Still Evil after All These Years: The Franklin Scandal and Pedophilia in High Places

    “The World-Herald Company is co-owner of Election Software and Systems, which counts half the election ballots in the United States.”


    By Charles M. Young Posted by Dave Lindorff

    I have known Nick Bryant since 1995. He was new to New York from Minnesota then, and looking to make a jump from science reporting in technical journals to writing for a mass audience. I noticed that he was persistent and ethically motivated and I thought, “He might be a good reporter.” We got to be friends, and had many long discussions about the nature of evil, which was his preferred subject matter as he tried to make a move into general circulation magazines. When he wasn’t chasing doctors at AIDS conferences, he was chasing outlaw bikers and Satanists.

    On one such foray in 2002, he stumbled on a scandal that I had never heard of. The scandal centered around the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union, which was created to serve a poor black neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska. During the 70s and 80s, its manager, a man named Larry King (not the talk show host), ran the Franklin as a Ponzi scheme and looted over $40 million, which he spent on an opulent lifestyle and Republican fundraising. King sang the National Anthem at the Republican convention in 1984 and served on several committees of the National Black Republican Council. He had a townhouse in Washington, DC, where he threw parties with many prominent guests. In August 1988, he threw a $100,000 party at the Republican convention, and appeared in a video in which he and Jack Kemp urged blacks to vote for George H. W. Bush. In November 1988, his Ponzi scheme crashed and the Franklin was shut down by the National Credit Union Association and the FBI.

    All run-of-the-mill scandal stuff, and uncontroversial in the basic facts, except that as King was climbing into the upper levels of the national Republican hierarchy, Omaha was boiling over with rumors that he was also running a pedophile ring, pandering children out to rich and powerful men in Omaha, even flying the children to Washington, Los Angeles and New York for orgiastic, abusive parties with even richer and more powerful men.


    The FBI has had a reputation for dirty tricks and blackmail for its entire history. The revelations about COINTELPRO, the campaign of harassment against the left during the 60s, were shocking to anyone with a concern for freedom of speech. If it became known that the FBI covered up a pedophile ring of the rich and powerful, I think most Americans would react as they reacted to the Penn State scandal, and the FBI would be drastically reorganized. Minimally, a number of agents in the Omaha office in the late 80s and 90s are guilty of the worst sort of malfeasance.

    If it’s bad for quack psychotherapists “implant” false memories in their patients, how much worse is it when the FBI does the implanting with threats, beatings and perjury trials?

    The Omaha World-Herald was the foremost local cheerleader for persecuting teenagers instead of investigating their claims. One of its own columnists, Peter Citron, had a long history of arrests for pedophilia and child porn and was implicated by two witnesses at Larry King’s sex parties. The long-time publisher of the World-Herald, Harold Anderson, was a big supporter of Larry King and had raised money for the Franklin. During the 18 years that King presided over the Franklin, the newspaper never noticed that King was living a hugely expensive lifestyle when he was supposedly making $17,000 a year in salary. The World-Herald Company is co-owner of Election Software and Systems, which counts half the election ballots in the United States.

    Americans have plenty of obvious reasons to hate the rich and powerful. Wars for oil, rampant pollution, the destruction of individual rights, the constant lying about everything. It’s all on the front page, and it’s like old furniture in the living room. It’s hard for most people to notice. Boutique evil of the Gerry Sandusky sort affects fewer victims, but is more easily understood once the initial denial breaks down. If the denial of the Franklin Credit Union scandal ever breaks down, the consequences will reverberate far higher than happened at Penn State. Except for all those who died in suspicious accidents and suicides, the witnesses are still out there. Some might even talk about it. They talked to Nick Bryant.

    Until the paperback version of The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse and Betrayal comes out in October, you can read more at Franklinscandal.com.

  15. Bonn says:

    11 years Humanity Sat and did’nt say a Word .

  16. PERSONA333 says:

    Grreat show guys! Your chemistry and playfulness is contagious. I was just in Italy and the poor worker bee Milanese are all walking around in their nice clothes with worried frowns kind of aware of their impending doom but only marginally aware as to the immensity of their predicament. God bless the futuure!!! <3

  17. Bonn says:

    Richard Dolan – The Secret Space Program & Breakaway Civilization
    March 22, 2011
    Richard Dolan is considered by many students of the UFO phenomenon to be the pre-eminent historian of the subject. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, as well as an analysis of the future, A.D. After Disclosure: The People’s Guide to Life After Contact. Richard’s writing is widely seen as ufology’s gold standard. A.D. After Disclosure, which Richard co-authored with Bryce Zabel (the creator of the television series Dark Skies), has been widely hailed as among the most original works in all of UFO literature, a fearless and analytical “what if” scenario that discusses the deep impact that would be brought about by the end of UFO secrecy. Among Richard’s main themes are the destruction of our political liberties as a result of the UFO cover-up, the possible nature of the non-humans themselves, and what their presence here means for our civilization. This has led him to take a fresh approach to the topic of “Exopolitics” and to develop unique insights into the practical challenges and opportunities for a true disclosure of the UFO phenomenon. Richard, born in Brooklyn, New York, studied at Alfred University and Oxford University, was a finalist for a Rhodes scholarship, and completed his graduate work in history at the University of Rochester. Prior to his interest in UFOs, he studied U.S. Cold War strategy, Soviet history and culture, and international diplomacy. In this interview, we’ll discuss the concept of a “breakaway civilization”, our dependency on oil, government secrecy about UFOs and the “Secret Space Program.”

  18. kdt says:


    {Unnecessary expense for one thing.}=face value {Arbitrarily limiting the creation rate of government money for another.}=silver copper and nickle are ALL elemental metals and there for share this isue to grater or lesser degree , it is also an aspect of FACE VALUE {The preclusion of Steve Keen’s universal bailout for another.}= instant hyperinflation and is there for a stupid idea that should NEVER see the light of day! {The favoring of what should be a purely private money form for another.}= gobilygook

  19. kdt says:

    @mabs he is refering to socrates atempt to over throw the warrior class in a revolution of ‘philosophy”(he got himself EXICUTED for sophistry over it.) I.E “the allegory of the sun/parable of the cave” . the “unwashed masses” are the “victims” from the cave who can now only see the “shadows” of the elites and will not see reality and there for MUST be lead for there own good till they have aclimated to life OUT SIDE of the curent meme………

  20. Apple says:

    Ron Paul want competing currencies same like Salinas wants. If you want to argue facts not propaganda.

  21. Alan says:

    I don’t secretly believe anything, I just say what I think – rightly or wrongly. I’m probably wrong more often than I am right but I don’t think regulations are evil, it’s just that they don’t stop criminals. These guys are above the law because they have corrupted the judicial system to always rule in their favour. We probably won’t see any change before a real catastrophe and people are rioting in the streets. It’s all about critical mass – the fact is that most people still don’t understand what is going on, or they have not been directly effected, or they just don’t care. I love how Gerald always refers to that Hindu proverb – “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”.
    There seems to be a growing awareness of the economic problems the world is facing and of the systemic corruption and fraud we are living through (thanks to you and Max for your tireless effort) but we have a long way to go.

    @John Rob
    Thanks for your great contributions on these threads, I have certainly learned a lot from you and others.

    @Youri Carma
    I can’t for the life of me make out your avatar icon. What is it?

  22. Youri Carma says:

    Somtins Brewin:

    China’s Xi Vanishes; Where is the Man Rumored to Lead China Next Month? China Having Second Thoughts? What’s the Worst That Could Happen?
    Read more at http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/2012/09/chinas-xi-vanishes-where-is-man-rumored.html

    Japan’s top finance regulator found hanged: report http://www.marketwatch.com/story/japans-top-finance-regulator-found-hanged-report-2012-09-10


    It’s me, huh huh … with silver stack – Youri Carma Meeting Slideshow

  23. Bonn says:

    @ Max & Stacy & @all
    Lotta peeps are wakin up about 9/11
    Was going through the Comments in Facebook about 9/11
    I would put the Figure at around 10 % ~ 20 %
    better than what it was before 5 %
    I am tellin ya thats one of their Achilles heel

  24. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    @Youri, finally I get it! ROFL. Thats some headdress, does the size of the hat indicate the amount of belief in one’s God? If so my hat would have to be really really small (but conversely with a lot of silver trinkets stuck all over it)

  25. James Brown says:

    Waaaht…9/11 and no conspiracy footage…?


    Disclaime: not sure if real…

  26. Bonn says:

    @ James Brown
    that is some good footage it does look real about Building 7
    What I find So Funny about all these De-Bunkers is
    9/11 could never be covered up
    Like I said earlier sometime I would like to ask the guys who carried out 9/11 “What were you thinking ?” and have you properly thought of an Exit strategy in case it dont go according to plan ~~ Did that thought ever parse through your Pea – Brain ???

  27. Youri Carma says:

    I remember 911 too and immediately realized it was an inside job. Steel construction buildings simply don’t collapse like that especially not if they are constructed to endure sucha impact. Steel was also impregnated with asbestus btw.

    Loose Change – Final Cut 2012 (Full Length)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAmegwUdJdA

  28. Jayme says:


    LINKS: Hungarian Prime Minister Rejects Lagarde’s Bailout Conditions, ‘Unfriends IMF’ On Facebook

  29. Mabs says:

    @kdt – it seems those poor unwashed masses are doomed to be pawns of one ideology or another.

    Until the middle of last week, I thought Ron Paul and Libertarianism were at least a partial solution to that outrage.

    I guess that just proves how naive we of the unwashed masses really are.

  30. Mabs says:

    PS: The “unwashed masses” are judged to be a lesser evil than the “power elite” by Rothbard, so this “for their own good” business falls flat for me.

    Just another elitist ideology, it seems to me.

  31. Mabs says:

    PPS: So, in other words, when the Left does it to We the Unwashed Masses, it is “legitimate” rape.

    BUT, when the Right does it to us, we should, as it were, “lie back and think of England.”

  32. kdt says:

    @mabs Here is the thing even marx had SOME things corect as they ALL do. the trick is to see what is true and reject the personal prejudices and agendas. all of econimics is based on HUMAN interactions wich are finite in number and to a large degree universal in human behavior and with minor reigonal difrences give rise to “scocity” in all of its forms . each school is seeking to understand the SAME set of activities and use them to mold scocity to its will. some create huge amounts of scocial stresses others do not. the ones that don’t have avoided doing things that interfere with what have become known as “inalienable rights” it was decided that the state COULD NOT infringe on these rights and survive. that is as “generic” as i can state it
    Dr. paul is a NOT a ‘pollitition” he is A “States man” and the ONLY one curently alive …………..beggers can’t by definition be chosers and how BAD we fucked up by not suporting him in this election will play out over the next term as our failure to do so last election played out over the last term, and frankly if things go that bad we willl all be living in bunkers fighting off wellfair zombies and growing food on gurilla farms like the pot growers do out in the back and beond!

  33. not_me says:


    Lame-o! But I don’t feel like taking a Tally Stick to your pathetic response.

  34. Mabs says:

    @kdt – thanks for taking time to respond!

    Here’s the thing, Hitler was a vegetarian and loved dogs, same as me.

    When I found out my fundamentalist church collaborated with the Third Reich, this begger became a chooser, definition or no.


  35. Mabs says:

    I guess I’ve found myself at the pointed end of elitist ideology one too many times.

    It’s going to be fascinating to see Max take down the LvMI while simultaneously scrubbing Ron Paul of all traces therof.

  36. Bonn says:

    @ Kdt
    the Moon is a 5 billion year old Spaceship
    Hic 😉

  37. Bonn says:

    @ Stacys & Max DJ Bonn was impressed by this number
    Some Sufi Music
    Alif Allah, Jugni, Arif Lohar & Meesha, Coke Studio Pakistan, Season 3

  38. DickTracy says:

    Now that the ICE has been proven to produce Helium 3 in abundance and clean the air of sulfur(brimstone).
    Oil is water, and water is everything.

    Now we look to periodic elements that are know but not discovered.

    Aether, what is it.

    A lunatic wrote:

    A search of these topics brought us to this:
    Occult Chemistry

    On that page is a chart:

    You can see there Aluminum and Bismuth as a cube,
    base and non metals,
    Not rare.

    copper silver gold as a polarized magnet or EM material,
    Lead, Thallium, Mercury, into GOLD
    Tin, Indium, Cadmium, into Silver
    Not rare.

    Carbon as tetrahedron.
    Not rare.

    Between hydrogen and Helium at the top of the chart they show two new
    substances introduced before getting to helium.

    They called these inter periodicals.

    Adyarium – 36 Anu

    Occultum – 54 Anu

    The Periodic Law: the number affixed to an element is the number of “Anu” (the ultimate physical particles of which matter is constituted).

    SO not only will the internal combustion engine convert E85 to Helium 3, it also has the potential to act as a micro super collider, lol.

    Why the best guessers look for the god particle, the Alchemists have known helium-3 has an overall spin of plus or minus one half, making it a fermion.

    160k tonnes of gold in the history of man, i do not think so, but you keep lying to the people, it suits your masters well.

    Current US industrial consumption of Helium-3 is approximately 60,000 liters per year;[26] cost at auction has typically been approximately $100/liter although increasing demand has raised prices to as much as $2,000/liter in recent years.

    But yet you people still waste your time playing monopoly with the mafia.

    @Fbeard, good to see you back with a tally whacker, lol.
    @SilverCondom, dude find a proxy, lol.
    love and gratitude

  39. Dedo says:

    Plato is largely responsible for the modern view of the “sophist” as a greedy instructor who uses rhetorical sleight-of-hand and ambiguities of language in order to deceive, or to support fallacious reasoning. In this view, the sophist is not concerned with truth and justice, but instead seeks power.

    “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive!”

  40. Dedo says:

    BTW,.. eye listened to some of your broadcast,…..wow!,…..wacky is becoming of you both

  41. Dedo says:

    You’re doing your job it seems,…….; )

  42. Mabs says:

    Ron Paul is a so-called libertarian bleep:


    But Max and Stacy would vote for him:

    … and yes if Ron Paul were in the race, we would vote for him because he would end the Fed, end the CIA, the MIC, the IRS . . . most of those claiming to be libertarian would actually expand some of those.


  43. Mabs says:

    Those so-called libertarian Mises people are “dangerous ideologues,” according to Max:


    LvMI admits Ron Paul’s role was to “educate.”


    So, is Ron Paul a dangerous ideologue also?

  44. Mabs says:

    There just seem to be so many “open secrets” that we unwashed muppet masses just don’t seem to pick up on.

    Does that mean Ron Paul failed? No. It is an open secret that the campaign was really about education all along. And in that regard, Ron Paul’s campaign was wildly successful. Chances are, any young libertarian you meet today will tell you that their chief influence in becoming a libertarian was Ron Paul. Ron Paul has swelled the ranks of the liberty movement to a greater extent than perhaps any other individual in history. If that’s not success, I don’t know what is.


  45. Vonda Bra says:

    @ Mabs | September 12, 2012 at 1:17 am |

    just a thought … 😉

    while you´re researching and going down the deep deep rabbit hole .. deeper and deeper … you must not comment on every single thing that occurs to you, or you find to be new for you, or interesting, or whatever??? …. there´s some temptation to do so, I know ….
    let all the stuff new and old sink down and settle for a while, before you jump to conclusions .. and posting them here, hoping to get a reply that fullfills your needs!!!
    Take it all in, think for yourself, take some time to have your thoughts and newly accomplishments to settle … and there will be answers coming …. !!!!

    Ron Paul a so-called libertarian bleep? 😉


    make your own research, and take your time to make up your own mind …. please! 🙂

    you don´t have to address everything, you don´t have to always let the world know about where exactly you currently are within your studies etc… just saying … !!! 😉

    absolutely no offense!!! .. whatever you wanna do or seems reasonable for you,
    do it!!! 🙂

    just a thought ….. ?


  46. Mabs says:

    @Vonda Bra – thanks for the advice.

    Is it too much to ask why Max and Stacy say they would vote for someone they say is a bleeping fake libertarian.

    Didn’t they know the open secret that he was only supposed to “educate” the unwashed muppet masses, such as myself.

  47. Mabs says:

    …and that he “succeeded,” according to LvMI,
    with their picture of him at the podium:


    I know, I know…unwashed muppets shouldn’t be so curious.

  48. Mabs says:

    …but I still want to see how Max is going to take down LvMI without taking down their favorite, and most successful, Educator along with it.

  49. Mabs says:

    Why would they want to “take down” someone they would have actually voted for?

    It’s a double bind to be told to study and reflect on conflicting messages, i.e., kindly be quiet, and don’t point out the conflicting messages.

    If they are not conflicting messages, a simple, non-condescending answer would suffice.

  50. Mabs says:

    My last post on this thread: do you think what Stacy said here, September 1, 2012 at 11:41 is trivial?


    Speaking of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, she said, “…dudes, pay attention to the elephant in the living room! Especially jack-booted elephants in brown shirts!!!!”