Youri Carma: Wonder What Would Alice In Wonderland Say To The Vampire Squid?

It’s only very logical that in the end Germany’s triple-A status would be challenged when implying to be the ‘lender of last resort’. First Germany and the like were laughing and pushing Greece around cause as long as the money streams were diverted into the big banks the show could go on.

But now they’s not laughing anymore because now it has become crystal clear to everyone that EU’s total debt impossibly can’t be payed by Germany alone. Even less so now Europe’s economical situation is deteriorating rapidly. Also because of insane austerity measures which do not only not work but accomplish exactly the opposite in causing a sharp economical downfall in an increasing ‘debt spiral’. We don’t have to quess anymore what that looks like because that’s exactly what has happened to Argentina before and we’re seeing exactly the same happening now in PIIGS.

Soevereign debt rollovers are no longer possible at a low prices while tax money income dries up in a totaly sqeezed private deleveraging debt hole further battered down by high inflation numbers mainly trough high sustaining oil prices which affects almost everything including food. All in all the ECB would need around an estimated $6 trillion to accommodate their imediate and inter-imediate funding needs. One can imagine that this is a very dead street the ECB would be turning into because debts which can’t be payed won’t be payed even if you’re called ‘Germany’.

So the best way would be to have a very close look at the debt substance in order to wipe out most of the interbank crosslinked bogus derivative debts which were mainly induced by fraud. Remember that the Dutch Tulip Mania finaly ended by judges declaring that they regarded the debts as contracted through gambling, and thus not enforceable by law. The Dutch Tulip Mania allready happened in in the year 1637 mind you! I merely want to point out that there’s noting new to be found under the sun here.

People finaly have to realize how this game is laid out. People have been brainwashed into the false idea that we actually have to stand for their by fraud induced debts. Once you believe that you’ve got to realize that the banksters realy got you by the balls. And so that’s exactly the reason why they eventually will go down, the hubris, envoked by people who realy believe these fairy tales. To them I like to say: “Welcome to Alice in Wonderland.”

The idea is that politicians will always follow the way of the less resistance meaning: They eventually will print like crazy cause, after all, they seek imediate political satisfaction. Politicians who see the future as the next nasty round the bigot block which they might not survive this time. OK sofar I follow this idea but is this actually going to be the final outcome? In other words is Germany realy going to ‘Jump the Shark’ again by printing?

Goldman Sachs and it’s European hacks, who are fond of volatility so they can sell more of their CDS’s insurance products to Europe, are greatly pleasured by the massive printing idea.Who cares about inflation flushing the real economy down the drain? If Lloyd blankfein’s doing “God’s work”, God defenitely must be ‘A Boogie Man!’ The cynical fact of the matter with these banksters is that nobody has to burn them down since the system is created as a selfdestructive device by these masters of the trillion dollar derivative universe. So kick back and enjoy the view of these suicide banksters burning themselves down to the ground. Unfortunately they are not the patient. We are. They are the cancer infecting the real economy and sucking it dry with their bogus derivative debts.

So maybe many finaly come to the crystal clear workable solution like calling void all bankster bogus derivative debts. Because paying off these trough fraud induced debts have become a technical and practical impossibility. It’s impossible to find a concensus for tax money to be spend in paying of fraudulent, essentially gambling, debts let alone higher them because they comitted even more fraud and need more money. Such an unequilibrium is unsustainable in the end. Everybody can see that and that somthing has to be done by somebody to drasticaly decrease the final debts in the system after which it can be restarted with a fresh and cleaned up balance sheet.

A restart is defenitely required by which sustainable economical growth is actually possible and not some wet Goldman Sachs’s American psycho ‘God complex’ dream with chainsaws and loads of red ink down the white. “Why!??” : I ask the vampire squid: “Simply because I am a vampire squid and that’s what vampire squids do.” Wonder what Alice in Wonderland would have said to the Vampire Squid?

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3 comments on “Youri Carma: Wonder What Would Alice In Wonderland Say To The Vampire Squid?
  1. ZORRO - London says:

    Its not a case of Germany underwriting European bankrupt European Nations. That is simply the illusory window dressing. Its the FED via, and in concert with Germany underwriting the debt. Germany is simply a conduit for flooding more virtual IOUs.

    As we know, the FED has openly said QE to INFINITY!.

    This is a currency war where the FED has said clearly its currency war till the bitter end.

    Either the dollar will prevail as the worlds reserve currency or not.

    To guarantee control of the petrodollar, thats why we see land / resource grabs in the middle east.

    If the middle east oil states cannot be controlled by currency, then it will be controlled by pure force of arms.

    Seems no one in the west has learnt the lessons of history. Vietnam being but one example where all the technological military advantage could not defeat a committed resistance, armed with determination and AK47s.

    Just history repeating itself.

  2. Markar says:

    Youri, you might want to consider a spell checker before you post.

  3. Jim says:

    No further proof needed that Germany is still an occupied country, occupied by the same kosher “victors” who started the war. Billions have been fleeced from the German people for “Holo-hoax” reparations, even nuclear cruise-missle equipped submarines for Israel to be used in their conquests.

    I’m sure the German people are tired of bending over to the satanic Rothschild central banking cartel.

    The same might be said of Japan.