Jim Willie: France & US Liberating Mali Gold to Meet Bundesbank Repatriation Request!

The Golden Jackass Jim Willie sat down with The Doc for a MUST LISTEN interview regarding the markets, gold & silver, and a coming European banking collapse.

Willie made explosive allegations regarding the banking cartel, stating that the US & France launched an invasion of Mali in order to utilize Mali’s gold production to meet the Bundesbank’s 300 ton gold repatriation request.
Wille states that there is a huge shortage of the metal, and that a massive gold rush will soon be ignited, resulting in an epic short covering rally and a 50% explosion in the price of gold.
Click here for The Doc’s full interview with Jim Willie:

4 comments on “Jim Willie: France & US Liberating Mali Gold to Meet Bundesbank Repatriation Request!
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  2. Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells says:

    Jim Willie seems to let his vivid imagination run away with him at times even though his points are always worth a listen. The rate of repatriation of Germany’s gold, over seven long years, means that no-one has to invade anyone else’s country for their gold. Slow steady and undramatic purchases in the open market over those 7 years can easily satisfy Frankfurt’s IOU ticket. Contract volumes on the markets for the required amount would be hardly noticeable. The important question is more to do with the lack of trust, and possible lack of gold due to Fed shenanigans.

  3. Harry says:

    Where is the Libyan gold?
    When can we audit the gold in Mali?

    Please answer both questions reasonably and we can decide if we have an issue or a conspiracy.

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