UPDATED: “As the Judge William Wenzel read the sentence, two guards shackled her wrists together with handcuffs.”

UPDATE 1: It seems that the Hearst journalist (if you can call him that), while extremely attentive to details of Teri’s clothing and hair, failed to mention a rather more important detail  of the story . . .

Remember, all of this for a misdemeanour charge . . . what EXACTLY is going on in New Canaan?

UPDATE 2: I’ve received an email from the editor of the newspaper (linked to above), owned by the company infamous for ‘yellow journalism.’ I don’t really want to link to them again here as it seems they are partly trolling for traffic. They are ranked just 1.2 million on Alexa which means they will only be getting maybe 500 visitors per day and earning perhaps at most $100 per month in ads. Anyway, just wanted to let you know there will be more updates but I’ll have to do them tomorrow as I’m in the middle of writing some other stuff at the moment.

45 comments on “UPDATED: “As the Judge William Wenzel read the sentence, two guards shackled her wrists together with handcuffs.”
  1. Internet Serfer says:

    So what’s the real reason?

  2. It *could* be true, but the prosecution case sounds less than rigorous to me and the Judge over-reacted.

    No-one witnessed the alleged outing of the girl by the defendant, there was no causal link shown, anyone who knew the wifi connection connection password could have accessed the IP address, even from outside the house, and let’s face it, who in their right mind accepts “evidence” from teenagers that they were “all at the party”.

    Must be down to her connection with you Max. Pray you never run a red light in the States!

  3. Goldman Sucks says:

    Do people usually do actual prison time for stuff like this? Seems a little OTT

  4. Goldman Sucks says:

    “The prosecuting attorney, Donna Kursinski, attempted to show that the IP address attached to the Facebook posts was the same as Buhl’s IP address, but the defense noted that there was no documentation from Facebook submitted for the record.

    Wenzel made the point that since Buhl was the only one known to have had possession of the diary entries, and since all of the NCHS seniors were at graduation during the time the posts in question were made, that could be seen as evidence enough of her culpability.”

    WTF. Sentenced to prison with no evidence other than the fact that Buhl was not at graduation at the time of the incident. So applying that logic it could have been everyone else in the entire world right?

  5. stacyherbert says:

    @Goldman Sucks – Welcome to America where in the today everyone will do at least 15 days time in the prison industrial state. Gets you re-elected. The voter loves this shit, even though they’ll do their time, too, they feel like someone somewhere has done more because they voted for it.

  6. stacyherbert says:

    @Internet Serfer – Twofold – the American voter and taxpayer loves to know that someone suffered for their taxes – whether in a US prison or in some oil-rich nation overseas and 2) if you’ve ever been to New Canaan . . . it’s hedge fund capital of the world. ’nuff said.

  7. The Ricard says:

    Do the New Canaanites worship Moloch like the Old Canaanites did?

  8. Kevin Eshbach says:

    @Stacy Herbert

    The voters love doing time because it is cool and trendy and they get to stick it to the man.

  9. Goldman Sucks says:

    I bet the judge is a friend of some of the corrupt banksters Teri had reported on. Send a message.

  10. Rick says:

    @ Stacy
    “Welcome to America where in the today everyone will do at least 15 days time in the prison industrial state.” Please … I’m getting sick of all the fear mongering.

  11. stacyherbert says:

    @Rick – I refer you to : http://www.cnbc.com/

    Much more positive news there! To them it’s a great business opportunity to invest in some of the private prisoner services offered to the most incarcerated population on earth. There IS positive spin on that news elsehwere, go go go go go! http://www.cnbc.com/

  12. Diane Alden says:

    Memo to Teri regardless .. no man is worth it . not in this world of PTB looking for any reason to prosecute whistle blowers.

  13. stacyherbert says:

    It’s worth noting that for the past few years, Teri has been reporting on Steven Cohen, who has this week been granted a get out of jail free card for his insider trading http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-04-04/why-steven-cohen-has-nothing-to-worry-about.html

  14. IndianaJohn says:

    It is often trying, being involved with your own family. Involvement with the other people’s families is asking for trouble.

  15. Proxyoflove says:

    To me Teri is one of the very most erudite and intelligent of any that reports and comments on financial/political fraud and deception. She has my utmost respect no matter what.

    Judge Weazel is plainly out of order ‘I just can’t excuse that’ is a ridiculous statement, unless he meant he was experiencing a cognitive mental dysfunction issue. Which would make more sense in the circumstances.

    @Richard.. I believe so.
    @Rick.. fearmongering? can’t see it really but you are equipped as most with a selection of 4 pairs of fingers with which to plug your ears while making lala noises so nothing to worry about really. It might be acid-reflux if you recently ate. xx

  16. Ade says:

    Couldn’t a hacker have set her up, maybe a Govt funded Hacker who wanted to shut her up by framing her, it’s called false flag your honour.
    what about reasonable doubt.

  17. davem says:

    I always wondered if Terry had investigated further about the children’s home in Jersey.

  18. jischinger says:

    wtf? did I just fall asleep? am I having a weird dream about the internet? what did I eat? this is too bizarre even for my sleepy mind? hey, could someone wake me up please?

  19. Vonda Bra says:

    @ davem – April 5, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    you´re probably mistaking Teri Buhl with Leah? (McGrath Goodman)


  20. Specky4eyes says:

    This stinks. Sounds like an effort to discredit and embarrass her. I hope she gets a chance to give her side of the story on MK. God bless you Teri.

  21. Oz's says:

    Am I the only one here whose thinking WTF, if Teri, I have no chance.

    M&S, shame on you. You had eulogies for Teri once.

  22. Skiddypants says:

    Similar stuff happens ! I remember an excellent journalist from nz who was thrown into a physc ward for her comments on nine 1 1, err her mental health . I think her name was Claire Mc sweeny.


  23. alan says:

    Does that mean she has two more chances then life in prison?

  24. stacyherbert says:

    @alan – no, Connecticut doesn’t have a three strikes law; plus those are for felony charges not misdemeanour

  25. Daniel S says:

    Who was present at graduation isn’t relevant. It could be posted discretely while present, or even remotely. The IP address is questionable obviously as they can be duped or even directly accessed. Is Teri’s computer always securely with her? The question of access to the diary itself is wide open. How secure does any teen keep their diary? How secure was their home?

    Seems strange to me.

  26. Sven says:

    Buhl’s attorneys said they will appeal the verdict. Her bond was increased to $25,000 and her attorneys said they had $2,500 in cash with which to meet bail.
    He wouldn’t accept Bitcoin?

  27. Jasha Blanka says:

    re: everyone will go to jail for 15 days

    your updating of Andy Warhol’s famous quote is sad but true:(

  28. The Beat says:

    There’s obviously much more to this story than what has been displayed here. It’s sad to see a person of such great intelligence shackled with a story that, from now on, will be used by naysayers as “proof” that she is unreliable and devious. I’m sure Fox News already has this filed away as future reference just in case.

  29. blindman says:

    so did t.b. do creepy shit or is it a set up?
    enquiring minds want to know.

  30. Aaron says:

    I’m not really understanding why her laundry is on this site for others to read. We all do something bad in our lives, and it would be better if it weren’t for others to talk about here. I think she is a smart person and I enjoy her coming on to talk about the economy. Something else is up here…what could it be? I guess we all have motives; best to just let things like this go by.

  31. jischinger says:

    this is just nuts! even if such a thing did happen you don’t put someone in JAIL for posting pages of a teen’s diary on the net, and for 30 days?!

    an angry emotionally upset teen may wish this would happen, but this is NOT how adults handle these things, this is NOT what our judicial system should be doing or is for.

    this is beyond the Nanny State and more than ridiculous – how did this judge get on the bench?

    and as far as IPs go – masks are easy to set up – stealing people IPs are a cinch and if anyone should be a suspect it’s more likely to be some high school or college geek

    Terri doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who would be this petty and she or any other intelligent person would certainly know, especially in light of Wikileaks, you never use your own computer.

    what’s with this judge? If he doesn’t understand technology he should recuse himself from these kinds of cases.

  32. stacyherbert says:

    @Daniel S – yes sounds very dodgy to me; I’m surprised how much circumstantial ‘evidence’ (if you can call it that) is cited as justification for incarceration

  33. Zigzag says:

    I don’t believe it. It’s a set up. Character assassination for someone that speaks out. Hang in there Terri. God rewards the righteous.

  34. Mary Genoud says:

    Teri, an IP address can be hacked. There are numerous ways, but one, which you may not be acquainted with is called private satellite communication. Satellite communication is not the same as your mobile phone satellite hook-up, this is literally private. Several years ago I contacted the US Mission in Geneva, Switzerland and at some point asked whoever about a T.V. system that had several disks and a pole. I was surprised that the owners would add a T.V. system to a house, which was 100% cabled with over 100 T.V. channels, etc. The reply was ‘Mary, that’s not a T.V. system, it’s a private telephone system, wow; your neighbours must be sooooooo rich!’ A system like this illegally attached to your computer, internet server or phone could mimic your IP address at will. It would not have to be located next door, but could be miles if not time zones away. Teri you got in the way of some people and this is what plenty of money can do in return. Your case should be dismissed and you should investigate this, because people need to understand how an IP address can be faked. This is one way, but there are other ways including exchanging your computer from one day to the next, slicing your phone connection, etc. Get your lawyer on top of this with inquiries out to very high tech IT specialists. All the best, M.

  35. Anthony says:

    Well I guess she’ll find out what a VPN is. Since people have not taken Internet 101 EVER they have no idea how to protect themselves. I bet nobody posting here knows what a mesh is before Googling it.

    How was this teenager impacted??? Really babe? You act like an ass, somebody finds out, outs you and you go screaming to your daddy. Own up to your own actions…

    @Max when is the holy dial-tone going to happen because I really can’t stand much more of this.

  36. Flopot says:

    I hope Teri avoids the jail time but it sounds like corporatist punishment being meted out to the heretics – thou shalt not hinder God’s work!

    “I still don’t know much about this case involving a frequent FWIW commenter (well frequent in the past- haven’t heard much from her in a couple of years – do you suppose Walt scared her off?) but it involves her stealing a girl’s diary about drinking in New Canaan and publishing it on the Internet. The prosecution failed to introduce the evidence needed to support that charge (never send interns to do real work) but Buhl was convicted on a misdemeanor and today a judge sentenced her to 30 days in jail and a year’s probation. I’m suspicious of this entire case – the vigorous police inquiry into the incident, an investigation that according to the cops took “months”, a full press prosecution and now a terrifically harsh sentence for a misdemeanor, violations of which usually result in a hundred-dollar fine and court costs. Buhl obviously offended someone powerful up in New Canaan and I wonder who it was?”


  37. Hegelian Dialectic says:

    I’ve often imagined Teri in handcuffs, but they’re usually the furry kind. Just kidding, Ter – keep the faith!

  38. Flopot says:

    “while extremely attentive to details of Teri’s clothing and hair”

    Haha. My thoughts exactly. That is a very strange paragraph in the report.

  39. Teri Buhl says:

    Thanks Max Keiser Readers. You are the best. I am innocent of all these charges which we hope will be seen in the Appeals court. I did not to jail and the sentence is actually stayed – meaning not in effect right now until the Appeal is done in a year.

  40. John says:

    Stacy – This sounds like her ex boyfriend is just mad that she talked about real problems his daughter was having and is so rich he can get the police and even a judge to try and punish her. But wouldn’t that be a free speech in America?

  41. stacyherbert says:

    @John – will investigate; trying to determine why it is that the Hearst article is so misleading, sloppy and sexist as well. Compare it to this piece from another local paper, the female journalist is much more thorough as well as placing all the relevant information at the very top of the article. In comparison, the article in the Hearst paper linked to above reads like a hit piece

  42. Teri Buhl says:

    There has been a lot miss-reported in this case because most of the reporters don’t bother to go get the legal filings, or evidence records that they can request to understand what I am actually charged with. Tyler Woods the Hearst report was in the court room for the last two weeks though and did not report on a lot of the relevant facts of the case. Plus the cops just make stuff up in warrant reports or put info in there that isn’t relevant to the charges or even leave out information so they can get an arrest warrant. I wrote about this happening to the Morgan Stanley banker from Darien – the town next to me-who had his whole hate-crime case dropped because the defense found so many problems with the cops warrant request and their investigation. Even the state’s attorney on the case withheld evidence from the defense for a while. It was a true abuse of our legal system in CT.


    I was never charged with stealing anything – not the girl’s letter about the underage drinking party or anything else. I am also not charged with invasion of privacy. I also beat the most serious charge – a class A misdemeanor which was ‘Interference with a police investigation’. I was found not guilty of that charge which would have had a max sentence of one year in jail.

  43. CanaanNeighbor says:

    It’s time to let our politicians know that we are outraged by what looks very clearly to be judicial, prosecutorial, and police misconduct. Todays it’s Teri, tomorrow it’s US ,or one of our neighbors. We’re supposed to be living in a democracy that affords all of us due process, not a place that thinly disguises police state tactics where a judge can impose his personal prejudice to subordinate the law. Or choose to conjure up a perverse interpretation of existing law in order to mete out punishment.

    This is really disgusting!

  44. Roger Storrs says:

    In addition to legal fees and time, even if they win the appeal, they just spent $2,500 they will never see again. Likely not a big flight risk… Once caught up in the legal system, almost impossible to get out of…

    “Buhl’s attorneys said they will appeal the verdict. Her bond was increased to $25,000 and her attorneys said they had $2,500 in cash with which to meet bail.”

  45. Tony says:

    I live in New Canaan and have watched Ms. Buhl take on election fraud, campaign finance violations, and now race issues with a seasoned cop Fred Pickering for the last two years. All because we can’t get the Hearst paper or the NC Advertiser to report on real problems in our town. It’s a service she give us for high risk and little financial reward. People are afraid what she will write about them but I am glad we have a watchdog holding these fat cat bankers accountable. I have never met her ex-boyfriend Paul Brody but I can’t get my head around why he’d want to punish her for telling him about what sounds like a real problem with his daughter Meagan. My daughter went to school with her and I know she is no angle who would bully other girls and brag about her body and how boys reacted to it. It feels like Brody has his head in the sand and the State took advantage of that to use him to put fear in Ms. Buhl.
    This is badge of honor Teri-don’t feel bad we need journalist like you.

    Stacy do you know how we can donate to her defense?