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  1. Andy B says:

    Thanks for posting Max. EFF is the sh*t.

  2. Andy B says:

    The ggod sh*t, I mean.

  3. Thank you so very much for posting this– I was just discussing the need for an alternative to Skype and lo and behold, Max Keiser delivers! Keep up the excellent work!

    Like pathogenic bacteria, we all evolve and change so that we become immune to the globalist onslaught antibiotics, and soon, there will be no weapons in the arsenal left with which to supress our growth and flourishing.

  4. Nat says: isn’t included in the cloud storage list.

    I’d have thought that would be a big one if the data is encripted and without the host’s knowledge of what is there.

  5. Nat says:

    Is there a market for some AI which creates a load of data for the NSA to have to sift through? Maybe 50% of gmail for example could be generated by AI bots, some also pretending to be terrorists (and they give addresses with some showroom dummies sitting playing cards all the time, ready to be raided).

    Perhaps there could be an add-on to an email client that generates keywords on ALL email so that ALL email is flagged up and trigger human attention?

    Still, surely a terrorist can use monitored email (hiding things under people’s noses is a good hiding place) by simply using photos of their text rather than it actually being in a computer ASCII format to be read?

    A Captcha app that turns all ASCII text into long long Captcha pictures?

    A boring skype conversation between two stooges whilst tv’s in the background show live text and images which are the real conversation?

    I guess that’s not the point though, it’s the indefinate storage so they CAN go back and look with human eyes later. Ok, perhaps ranodomised communication chooser so that a conversation is scattered across seemingly unconnected emails or skype/email etc.

    I think NSA are fighting a losing battle even it was done out of legitimate belief that they were stopping terrorism – that’s why it needs to be kept secret because they are a slow, lumbering oil tanker up against many tiny dinghys or are trying to grasp at the air with all the tiny particles just moving aside.

    Paranoia will ulimately destroy the USA and that was what Al-Quaeda started with 9/11 – they convinced the US to press the self-destruct button because of a tick down their pants.

  6. jischinger says:

    apparently I need space between articles

    nice list

  7. fionnsdragon says:

    Nice, thanks

  8. microhoushold says:

    Nice one.

  9. aleksy says:

    @Max: many thx.

    was also wondering where mega is?

  10. mijj says:

    we should make an effort to make trigger words such as “terrorism”, “assassination”, etc. routine words in casual conversation.


    Come on, lads! .. Let’s go and terrorize the pub, I could assassinate a beer right now!

  11. Canuckistan says:

    Sorry, but those programs won’t prevent PRISM from monitoring your messages. Unless you’re using smoke signals, every bit of information you send or receive must travel a data link and pass through routers that NSA can pick up on and un-encrypt (the NSA has more powerful decryption tools than the public does) and therefore can decrypt just about anything. Then your information gets parsed by PRISM’s sophisticated software algorithms and sorted, stored in massive relational databases.

    The only way to prevent PRISM from spying on you is don’t use electronic communication, don’t use the phone network (whether cell phone or land-line). Go back to writing letters and face to face. Surf the net using anonymous computers in public places (i.e. libraries, public wifi, hotel etc)