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Warren Buffett Is the Latest Billionaire To Jump Ship From The Markets

Right now the market is perceived to be so dangerous that it’s even chased the most fearless value investors to the sidelines. (more…)

Martial Law Rolls Out Across the US As Jubilee Nears

As we enter into the last week before the end of the Jubilee Year, the National Guard has been deployed in Charlotte, North Carolina and massive military convoys have been deployed in the streets of New York City. (more…)

New World Order Mouthpiece Warns We Are On Verge of Greatest Debt Jubilee In History

“Alarm bells have been ringing over the explosion of corporate debt levels in emerging economies, which now exceed $25 trillion … Damaging deflationary spirals cannot be ruled out”. (more…)

Yellen’s Oversight of the Fed Is Not Producing Monetary Policy but Disbelief

The real product of the Fed these days is not monetary policy but disbelief. People can’t believe the amount of speculation, conversation and outright complexity that results in… nothing. (more…)

Billionaire Donald Trump Says Fake Markets Will Collapse on January 1st

“If it was a choice between the right decision and a political decision… The Fed would choose the political decision.” (more…)

Another Billionaire Warns of Catastrophic Depths Not Seen in 5,000 Years – and Emphasizes Gold

In past issues, we’ve documented increasingly concerned billionaires warning of dangerous economic times. Many have favored gold as an alternative allocation in a world where $13 trillion-worth of debt is negative yielding, interest rates are artificially suppressed and we’re on the brink of major wars. (more…)

Wells Fargo and Other Banks Now Just Outright Stealing People’s Money

Centuries ago banks actually stored real money (gold) and gave their customers paper receipts which made transferring and transporting easier. (more…)

Boom! End Game Nears As Central Banks Buying Up Gold Mining Companies!

When you watch mainstream media or listen to central bankers, gold is constantly deemed to be the redheaded stepchild of the investment industry. (more…)

Jubilee Jolt: Dow Down 400, Stocks Smashed In Biggest Drop Since Brexit

It was just two days ago that we wrote, “Gold Has Biggest One Day Rally Since Brexit as Elites Rush Into Gold”. (more…)

‘Helicopter Money Coming’ – Exclusive Interview With Top Hedge Fund Manager Tom Conrad

Thomas D. Conrad, Ph.D. is a highly ranked hedge fund manager with World Opportunity Master Fund and president of Financial Management Corporation. His flagship World Opportunity Master Fund, LP, is an international hedge fund that operates globally as a fund-of-hedge-funds. Fund managers hold in aggregate well over US$2 billion in managed investments. The fund has been ranked number nine in the world in certain categories by BarklayHedge and recently reached a number three ranking. Dr. Conrad has held a seat on the Philadelphia-Baltimore-Washington Stock Exchange, and was Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United States Air Force for the Reagan Administration. Website:


Gold Has Biggest One Day Rally Since Brexit As Elites Rush Into Gold

The multi-day Brexit gold surge back in June was the biggest upward move since 2008 with gold rallying  4.5% the day after the vote. Yesterday, gold had its biggest one-day rally since, rising 1.6%. (more…)

G20 Meets in China To Fight Anti-Globalism And Usher In New World Order

Members of the G20 countries are meeting in China this week with an expressed goal of “fighting anti-globalism sentiments”. (more…)