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Just in case you didn’t understand the above, you definitely absolutely 100% should understand that your data is almost definitely being collected for the purpose of Internet-based Advertising on this website, which is our property. The Internet-based advertisers can collect all sorts of data that you may not want them to collect – for example, what sites you visit after you visit our site to what sort of products you like to buy to what you plan to name your first child to whether or not you are constipated this morning. This warning must be super super scary for you per the demands of online regulatory requirements so I am trying to scare you as much as possible into visiting this link here —> it is a NAI-approved Opt-Out mechanism for Interest-Based Advertising. Regulations insist that is necessary to include this link to the NAI:!/ Please do visit it and explore all the further information they give you on how to opt out of internet-based advertising. Visiting the site also makes regulators and activists feel more positive about their role in the world. Once again the link you really really must visit is this:!/ Please visit this link!/