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Shhh: President Trump’s Steel Tariffs Are Going To Be GREAT For Gold & Silver

Let’s look at the last time the United States imposed tariffs on steel.

That happened on March 5th, 2002 under President Bush.

First of all, notice the impact on the dollar, the stock market and the yield on the 10-year:

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Gold & Silver Looking Strong Going Into FOMC Day Despite That Pesky Problem

On the fundamental side, today could be a very big day. Is the house going to release their tax plan today? What is the Fed going to put in its FOMC statement due to hit the tape at 2:00 p.m. EST? Are we going to get another terrorist attack?

With all the uncertainty, the “fear” barometer doesn’t even care:

Unbelievable that the VIX has gaped down. Of course, the Fed wouldn’t want any eyebrows raised going into the finishing day of the two-day meeting.

There is no press conference this month, and as a reminder, nearly everybody is certain the Fed will hold and absolutely nobody believes the Fed will cut:

The dollar is starting to look more like a bear rally than a head-n-shoulders pattern:

The dollar needs to get to 96 in a hurry or it risks fizzling out on the charts. We were skeptical when we called out the forming pattern a few weeks back, because the left-side shoulder was not pronounced, but a gradually sloping descent.

Sure, we could get a gradually sloping ascent up to 96, but it would be unwise to call it a bottom in the dollar. The dollar now has over three full years of strength, and our President openly wants a weaker dollar.


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Gold & Silver Prices Have Held Steady Amid Market Mis-Matches

We have a nice pop in the pre-market today, Wednesday Oct 25th:

There’s good volume on that price rise too. Since opening on Sunday night, the silver price is down slightly:

As is the gold price:

Of course, we could see this coming from as early as Friday, so we have been in defensive posture anyway. But on the fundamental side of the equation, as the days go on, the fundamentals are going to become harder and harder to ignore.

The infamous “Trump Dossier” is back in the spotlight, and it has Hillary, the DNC, and the FBI’s fingerprints all over it. Then there’s Emperor XI and an oil for gold-backed yuan story that just won’t die.


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Travis Trump by Sketchaganda

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Trump’s high school yearbook picture by Sketchaganda

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Man of the people by Sketchaganda

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Making America Bounce Back by Sketchaganda

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Sit on my face & tell me that you love me by Sketchaganda

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Inauguration Day by Sketchaganda


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Massive Volatility in Currency Markets As Trump Warns: “The Dollar Is Killing Us!”

Gold and Silver Bullion Prices Jump, Volatility Roars to Life in Currency Markets As Trump Warns: “The Dollar is Killing Us…”

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Will Trump’s Border Tax Unleash CHAOS in the US Silver Market?

silver-trumpIn This Week’s Metals & Markets, Doc Presents A Potential Black Swan For Silver Bullion Entirely Off the Radar:
Could Donald Trump’s Border Tax Plan Unleash Absolute CHAOS in the US Silver Market?


Click Here For Full Coverage On SD Metals & Markets: 


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Donnie Reagan by Sketchaganda

Ronald Reagan

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