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What’s the Real Meaning of the Stock Market Swoon?

There’s no shortage of explanations on the whys and wherefores of the US stock market’s recent swoon / swan-dive / plummet. Here’s a few of the many credible explanations:

— the economy has reached¬†peak earnings¬†so there’s no fundamentals-driven upside left;

— bond yields are now high enough to dampen enthusiasm for inherently risky stocks;

— central banks curtailing / ending their quantitative easing programs have reduced liquidity in the financial system;

— US markets are catching up to the rest of the world’s market slump;

— the US market is overvalued by just about any measure;

— uncertainty about the mid-term election;


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The Astonishing Rise of Central Bank Fear

Anyone who looks at central bankers speak can sense the fear behind their absurd bravado, and the dishonesty of their public confidence.

The extraordinary disconnect between soaring stock markets and stagnating real economies has been gleefully embraced by all who benefit from the disconnect:


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